Florists, What’s Wrong on Your Facebook Personal Profile?

Florists, what is wrong on your personal profile page on Facebook?  For me, I couldn’t figure out how to add Mayesh’s profile page as my employer – it would only let me select the generic community page for Mayesh.  So if someone clicks on it they just go to a generic page with nothing.  VERY ANNOYING!

But guess what?  I finally figured out how to fix it!  And since many of you are florists and/or event business owners and/or highly involved with your companies, you may also a little annoyed that you weren’t able to select your company’s page.  Before you go through the steps of this fix, make sure that you can’t actually add your business page.  Go to “Edit Page”, then click on “Education and Work” and start typing the name of the business, hopefully your business page shows up and you can select it, but if not follow the steps below.

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