Florida State Florists’ Association Annual Convention 2014

This year, the Florida State Florists’ Association held their annual convention at BonAventure Resort & Spa in  Weston, Florida.  Florists from all over Florida as well as many other countries – including Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Columbia, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador – were represented at this show.  Deborah and Gus De La Flor, of De La Flor Gardens and Florist, created our booth and we thank them for all of their time and effort!  Our booth featured some of the hottest flowers around:  eremurus, amaryllis, lotus pods, cymbidium orchids, vanda orchids, tulips, roses, garden roses, peonies, gloriosa lilies, hydrangea, and coxcomb.



We also had great pleasure in sponsoring Ivan Moreno, a great floral artist from Columbia.  His design incorporated a woodland and organic feel.  It was a great opportunity to showcase our novelty flowers, along with a great selection of local product from the Portland area.



If you attended the show, we hope you enjoyed our flowers and meeting our Miami team!  David Dahlson, one of our knowledgeable sales representatives, was able to take the floor to introduce Mayesh as well as share some of his insight.  Here’s a snippet:

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