Favorites Friday – Medium Pink Roses

When trying to figure out where to start out at with literally thousands of flowers and with some having hundreds of varieties, I decided to tackle roses!  Roses are probably the most popular flower in history. Evidence suggest that roses have been used by mankind for thousands of years, as quite apart from its intrinsic beauty, it was valued for its fruits for a source of vitamin C as well as for its restorative powers, also for its beautiful wood and as a highly valuable ingredient in essential oils and perfumes.

Narrowing down our topic flower to the most popular flower of all time was easy.  Then I had to decide which color to start with and since Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, I decided to start with the pink rose (pink happens to also be one of my favorite colors).

Among all types of pink roses – medium, light, and hot – there are literally over 136.  I know this because we have 136 named varieties in just our Flower Library and I know we still have more to add. 

I’ve asked the Mayesh team to focus on medium pink roses and here is the list that we came up with – our top 5 favorites!

#1:  Sweet Unique


“I love the scalloped edges of the petals, the aperture to which it opens is also great for wedding work. It has a great petals count and a classic garden look. After having vase tested this rose it is by far my favorite pink.”
-Dave Tagge, Phoenix, AZ

“One of the nicer shades and a decent sized head. They also seem to perform well.”
-Jennifer Grytdal, Las Vegas, NV

“It opens nice, and holds well.”
-Tony Dahlson, Orange County, CA

“It’s a good medium pink rose that opens nice and has minimal bruising”
-Laura London, Los Angeles Shipping, CA

“Plays well with tones of lighter and darker pinks. Girly looking.”
-Kyana McJunkins, Los Angeles Shipping, CA

#2:  Ballet


“I love the color of Ballet!! It is “girlyness” in a rose.” 
-Sabrina Mesa, Los Angeles Shipping, CA

“It is so beautiful.” 
-Ricky Banos, Riverside, CA

“Seems to be one of the few “true” medium pinks and has a full, fluffy head too!” 
-Kyana McJunkins, Los Angeles Shipping, CA

“Nice medium color, beautiful ruffly edges, holds well but bruises easily”
-Leif Lorenz, Detroit, MI

“Beautiful open faces, fabulous color!”
–Anna Starkey, Chandler, AZ

#3:  Hot Escimo


“The color of the rose is viberante and opens up very nice.”
–David Rhein, Cleveland, Ohio

“I like it because of the medium pink outer layers that fade down to a baby pink in the middle.”      
-Jessica Kurzyniec, Detroit, MI

“I like the way it opens.”
–Todd Smith, Detroit, MI

“The hot escimo has a very interesting color, and a pretty shape. What it lacks in size it makes up for in color,shape and performance”
-Cindy Huntzinger, Carlsbad, CA

#4:  Rosita Vendela


“The opening of the roses and the softness of the color mixed with cream/white.”
-Peter Sessler, Miami, FL

“I like the way it opens.” 
–Tammara Arredondo, Chandler, AZ

#5:  Geraldine


“A medium to large head, dusty antique color. Opens nicely!”
-Joe Miller, LA Market, CA

“Geraldine is a nice medium pink with a good petal count, nice size head and shape, and a good performer.”
-Cindy Huntzinger, Carlsbad, CA



Now that I’’e listed Mayesh’s favorite pink roses, what is your favorite and why?

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