ESIF2012: Social Media – All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Social media is near and dear to my heart as Mayesh’s Community Manager and that was the subject of Liene Stevens’ (of Think Splendid) session at the Event Source Idea Factory show.  Below is a summary of her session, “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold: Creating a Focused and Profitable Social Media Strategy”, and I hope it helps you gain the courage to take the next steps in your social media journey!

Social Media and the Brain

You can call people’s obsession with social media a chemical romance.  This is because your brain processes it like your in love – evoking trust, empathy, and love. This type of interaction causes people to think they are live communicating and it is literally addicting by raising oxytocin levels.  For businesses who participate in the social web, this addiction is a great thing because social fan/followers will be more likely to buy from you.  People buy because of emotional connection not logic.  Oxytocin increases trust but be sure to remember that it doesn’t make people gullible.

How to Get the Most from Social Media

  1. To get the most impact from your social media efforts you need to: show up often, be authentic, set boundaries, and don’t talk about your personal life to your business audience. social media for the event business
  2. Using a smiling headshot as your avatar.  This will increase the feeling of co-presence.  No one wants to hire a depressed event planner.  People spend 10% more time looking at the photo on the “about” page then the text.  Photographs are very powerful and often your first impression.
  3. Know your target market – who they are, where they shop, what they spend their money on, etc.  Look at your past clients and see if there are patterns, which will help create your market research plan.  Embrace the fact that your target market is not everyone and realize that it’s about getting the right fans not the most fans.  MMD Events target market
  4. Companies that use social media are able to reduce marketing costs.  57% of those who blog, generate revenue from it.  If your not blogging, you aren’t getting the most out of what your social media efforts.  For me at Mayesh, blogging is a main source of content that I post on our social platform.  Seth Godin has a saying that goes something like this:  “No one cares how good you are. They care about how good you make them.”  A good rule of thumb to follow is that 80% of your content should focus on making your audience better and 20% about you/your company.  Some people worry about blogging because they don’t know what to write about, but you do have something to contribute to the conversation – you have a point of view, if you don’t then you shouldn’t be charging for your service. social media
  5. “Omg, txt spk hurts ur biz” and is inappropriate for any business or marketing. Companies that uses text speak in social make 40 percent less revenue than those who spell words out.
  6. Not everything you post needs to be work related.  Have fun and think outside of the box. 

Additional Golden Nuggets

  • Pinterest
    • Let me start this section off by saying that my team LOVES Pinterest!  It is so much fun and it does have business results if done properly.  Liene recommends to create boards that make it easy to draw ideas from  and have your team collaborate on boards.  These are 2 princlipals that my team at Mayesh believes and we were actually used as examples during Liene’s session:

wholesale florist pinterest

wholesale florist pinterest  

  • Twitter is great to share behind the scenes pictures.  I like Twitter to host Twitter Parties – they are fun and encourage engagement.
  • Make it easy for people to get addicted to you.  Can I say that this is something that really frustrates me?  As I do market research and try to follow back the people and companies that follow me, I see tons of websites that do not have their social links listed, or on their Facebook personal profile they don’t have the right link for where they work, or on their social profile (or website) you can’t find the city/state.  You want people to connect to you and your business easily and you want to ensure them that they have the correct company by listing the location.

make social connection easy

link to your business page

  • People won’t spend more than 1.3 seconds looking for a link.  While most of us cannot afford full blown usability testing of our sites, you still can ask people who aren’t familiar with your site to review it.  When designing or adding new objects, like a link, try to think like your user and look at it from their point of view.
  • People tend to click on your links if you feel familiar to them.
  • Follow editors on Twitter and watch for submission requests to get your work published.
  • Bravo has been basing their new shows based on Twitter.  We are seeing similar social trending with books with publishers asking for the author’s site’s Google Analytics before agreeing to publish a book.
  • Social media reduces customer support costs by 35 percent.
  • Four Seasons actually sends thank-you letters to customers for a Twitter mention.

Liene Stevens is a “speaker and expert on the intersection of business and social behavior for the wedding and lifestyle industries. Specializing in the consumer psychology of millennials, affluents and engaged couples…”.  Be sure to check out her site at and her new book “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Marketing Your Wedding Business in Today’s World“.

Here are a few other ways to connect with Liene:

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