ESIF2012: Our Visit to MGM Resorts Events

How many companies do you know that can handle 900 events per year?  Well, I know of one!  MGM Resorts Events.  I was able to stop by and visit with Jonahs Kneitly, the Floral Manager of MGM Resorts Events.  He was gracious enough to take us on a tour of their warehouse, drive us over to our own Vegas branch, and then over to the Bellagio to get a sneak peak of the Wedding Luncheon (see slideshow below).

Our tour of the MGM Events’ warehouse was amazing.  They have an amazing set up – from their workshop, painting booth, design offices, the display room that has at least DSCN05852 different full displays up at all times complete with fresh flowers, and their storage/floral design space.  The storage area houses a ton of large scale props, vases, 7500 linens, and 4225 pieces of drapery.  Pretty much anything that you can imagine, they have it!  The floral area is equally impressive with lots of design tables  lined up with the water hoses coming down from the ceiling, and 36 bins filled full with accoutrements (pictured right). 

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