ESIF2012: J Schwanke Chats About Acolyte & Mayesh

We met up with J Schwanke at the Event Solutions Idea Factory & CaterSource show’s Acolyte Technologies booth. J quickly showed us the remote control LED lights that you can switch colors and talks about why Mayesh is great – we get you the flowers that you want in whatever city you are in!

This was my first time meeting J and he is just as great in person as he is on camera.  A quick story about my first encounter with J Schwanke was back in 2010 at the WF&FSA conference in Miami.  He was presenting on trends and as you probably already know, J is an amazing story teller, and he told such an emotional story, that I started crying right in the middle of the conference room!  I don’t remember the exact details, as I have an acute case “Swiss cheese brain” (a.k.a. a bad memory), but I’m pretty sure it was a love story and involved the loss of a loved one.  His session is probably one of my most favorites to date because he packed important trend information with emotional story-telling!  When we were discussing the uBloom California Grown Experience video project for 2011, I was a huge advocate because of the WF&FSA conference and am so happy that Mayesh has its very own California Grown Experience video!  Thanks J!

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