Ecuador 2012: Greenrose & FreshCut Rose Farms

Blogger: Sabrina Mesa

If you have been following my travels you know that in October I spent some time in Ecuador. I wrote in a previous post that going to South America is like going home. While this is true, going to Ecuador and seeing the flower farms was a lifelong dream come true.

How many you have made a list of places to go or things to do before we kick the floral bucket? I know I have. While I may not go on that date with Ryan Gosling or sing in front of a sold out stadium, I can finally mark a few things off that list now that I have been to Ecuador.

  • Go to a rose farm
  • Go to Ecuador
  • Go to an international flower show

Check, Check and Check! Three items is not bad to mark of a very extensive list. So let’s dive right in shall we?

During my trip, I visited four farms. Each farm was unique even if three of them grew the same crop. I am amazed by how far Ecuador has come in not only advances in technology, but also how the farms are going down a greener path.

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