Doing Some Floral Good in Our Neighborhoods

Mayesh Wholesale Florist hosted its first ever National Open House and Design Contest for floral industry professionals, retail florists, and event designers on January 12, 2011. The day after, the company was faced with a quandary. What to do with the nearly 200 flower arrangements submitted to locations for the design contest?

With the question posed, many of Mayesh’s 15 locations decided that the best answer is to donate the beautiful floral designs to those in need of a smile. Local hospitals and retirement communities were at the top of the list.  The many benefits that flowers provide us with has been well documented. 

Research done by top institutions, like Rutgers and Harvard, have found that flowers have a profound and positive effect on people.  Flowers help decrease depression, help jog recent memory performance, and encourage companionship, among countless other benefits. (source links listed below) 

Amy Gebhardt, manager of Mayesh’s Phoenix location said of the donations that her store made “They were super happy to receive flowers, a few flowers can go a long way.”  And boy, isn’t that the truth!

Here are some examples of where Mayesh’s flowers found themselves:

Phoenix: Northeast Phoenix Baptist Village Retirement Community, and the Adina Adult Care Group home

Charlotte:  Presbyterian Hospital Hospice & Palliative Care

Cleveland:  Metrohealth Hospital

LA Flower Market:  Olympia Convalescent Hospital

Miami:  Saint Dominic Church, Bernardo Garcia Funeral Homes, and Jackson Memorial Hospital

Bakersfield:  Rosewood Heath Center

Detroit:  Bloomfield Retirement Home

Los Angeles:  St. Clair Hospice



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