Dianthus, New Colors and Shapes

First of all, did you know that carnations are a part of the dianthus family?  I did not until reading an article that Mayesh’s Heather Cook wrote.  Read below to learn more!

Dianthus is one of the oldest flowers used in the floral industry with their usage traced back to Roman times. Members of the Dianthus family have remained a dominant floral product from the early varieties of Sweet William and “pinks”, popular in Victorian times, to the current new varieties of Green Ball and Broccoli carnations. The introduction of the Moon Series carnations by Floragene and Japanese genetic engineers, has revived the use of carnations amongst high end floral designers. Hopefully we will continue to see their popularity grow with the introduction of new colors and shapes.

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New colors for old flowers?  Try a carnation.  Bold new colors make the statement oft used by designers “I don’t use carnations” seem silly. Why not? They’re beautiful, the colors are amazing and they last, giving your clients value and pleasure. You don’t have to put it in a bud vase and wrap it with satin ribbon, let’s get creative and find fun uses for great new colors. Check out these new colors for carnations. 

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Please note that it can take some time for a new variety to become available – growers take almost 1 full year to get plants into production after receiving the starts from the breeder. These pictures show you what will become available in the near future but not all varieties are currently available.

Not only are we seeing new colors, but we are seeing new shapes for the Dianthus family.  Sweet William was a favorite in the Victorian era.  However, today we get to enjoy radically improved varieties similar to Sweet William, referred to as “Gypsy” dianthus. Broccoli carnations are very unusual and fun. Green Ball dianthus is developed from Gypsy type dianthus – if you look closely at Gypsy you can see the buds are shaped much like the green tufts of Green Ball dianthus. They are quite literally Sweet William buds that never developed a true bloom. Dianthus enjoy a nice long vase life, adding value to this cut flower family.



New carnation variety pictures are from breeder’s website, www.hilverdakooij.nl

Floral arrangement pictures courtesy of www.carnation-arrangements.com

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