Dendrobium Orchid Lei Shortages

Flooding from monsoons in Southeast Asia damaged orchid farms across Thailand. As a result, orchid export has dropped by 30 percent. Their government estimates that flooding affected more than two million acres. Thailand is the world’s largest producer of dendrobium orchids, generally two million stems a day. It is expected that some flood-hit farms can take at least three years to recover and begin earning an income again. Many orchid growers have decided to close their businesses.

This season there will be a limited supply of orchids for lei making, and our farms cannot commit to large orders. Unfortunately the price will be higher as farms are forced to raise their prices to compensate for some of these losses.

Mayesh Wholesale will do everything possible to fulfill its orders, and keep you informed.

Please consult with your sales rep for pricing and up to date information.  Also, keep these farmers in your thoughts and prayers, as they are in ours.

dendrobium orchid farms

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