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Delphiniums are a family of dynamic line flowers, imbued with various hues and tones of rich blue colors, as well as white, lavender, lilac and purple varieties. There are red, light yellow and pink varieties within the group but have generally proved to be weak and not viable.

Delphiniums can be divided into two groups, which for ease of distinction, can be classified as either flowers with single blooms and having spurs, or flowers with semi-double blooms, often with contrasting “bees” or eyes. The former are generally the class of d. belladonna; d. bellamosum; but have been superseded by superior cultivars of the Waltz series, and Volkerfrieden. The distinct spur at the rear of the flower gave rise to the name, derived from the Greek word delphin, meaning dolphin.

The latter are termed “hybrid delphiniums”, and include the “Pacific Giants” series, “Magic Fountains” series, and delphinium elatum cultivars such as the recent “River” series.

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