Customer Satisfaction in Buying Wholesale Flowers

Thumbs UpI believe that all of us at Mayesh really strive to achieve a great level of customer satisfaction.  I hear from customers almost every week about their great experiences from email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and I/we love reading them, passing them along, and sometimes sharing them with the world.  The email below is one such example that I would like to share with the world.  I have to warn you that this testimonial is much longer than our typical (which we appreciate just as much), but it truly touches on what Mayesh Wholesale Florist is all about!   


I doubt any of what I am about to tell you will come as a surprise but I feel compelled to take a moment to tell you what a wonderful experience I have had with your company and all because of Sarah Girard!  I could provide  numerous examples of her attention to detail, responsiveness and genuine desire to do what is best for the customer. Truly she exemplifies  what I means to think of yourself as a customer and Truly provides customer satisfaction.. a rare find these days.  She has provided me with service levels and attentiveness  that I usually only received as the managing director of Million dollar accounts. Sarah understands that all of my designs are custom and attention to detail drives my business and creations. Not only is this my Job but my passion. Not a single one of my flowers goes without being processed properly and with great care, each type of flower is processed as deserving of its specific horticultural needs from  cauterization, cutting different  stems in different water, removing airlock from stems etc.  Receiving flowers and throwing them in a bucket is not an option  to me.

I received my first order from your company today and I can say with certainty that you will have all of my business going forward. The difference between  the quality size and freshness of the flowers you send is staggering!!   These are the flowers I have been ordering but not receiving anywhere else!! So Thank you for actually providing the product that is shown on your web site!  I could have decreased my order in some parts by ½  and still had plenty of product to work with.  I am so used to having ¼ of my orders unusable due to the condition or quality of the flowers.. Now I can use the “extra” to market to the venues and clients  that I have been wanting  to reach out to create more business and orders to send to you!

I am just reopening my business and was referred to your company by Keilei at  David Austin Roses  because of my increased dissatisfaction with several  National and local Wholesale suppliers. It seems as if most of the industry will just try to shove off any old flower just to move it out.

Despite the fact that most of my bookings were not bid with  fed–ex shipping included I hope this speaks volumes when I  tell you I am personally taking that amount from my design rate not my company or decreasing my staff to compensate for the difference and more than willing to do so in order to work with  the exceptional  products and great people  like Sarah to  provide me and my clients with the quality product they were promised and deserve.

I have been in the  floral event business in some capacity  now since 1997, from an event /corporate florist , National director of events  for Fortune 500 companies  to Operations Manager of world renown botanical garden responsible for all Garden events public and private including  flower shows. So in short.. I have seen it  all. 

But lately.. what I have seen had me wondering if it was just me and that my expectations were just unrealistic…until now! So again Thank you!!!! You have a customer  for life!

What I have received  from Sarah and Mayesh is truly exceptional, top notch service and product!

Warmest Regards,

Coleen Fitzpatrick

Flourish Designs Unlimited

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