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Every year breeders around the world endeavor to create wonderful new cultivars of roses that will enjoy immense popularity and generate large profits. However the avenues to success are narrow, and there are many charming casualties strewn along the wayside. No other color enjoys as much attention as that of red, and breeders consider this to be the Holy Grail. Red roses continue to be the most popular in terms of revenue and sales in the world, and it naturally follows that a new best seller in the scarlet spectrum is of much interest. This year I recently saw a superb new cultivar called “Devotion” at specialty boutique rose farm “Flores Verdes”. This is a rather small farm in Ecuador that focuses on high quality roses and which has an interesting and attractive selection of varieties for sale.

VD 21

Amongst the appealing features of this new red rose are very long, vigorous stems that grow straight without much training. Indeed, the specimen that Sergio Illescas, VD18general manger of Flores Verdes, is holding reaches to the ground and is probably about four and half feet long. On average it seems the average stem length will be 90cms. The color, hue and tone of “Devotion” is similar to that of Freedom but it has a much larger head size and unfurls in a rather more aesthetically pleasing way. The foliage is a deep viridian color with a satin finish and the stems do not have too many thorns. For the grower another important feature is that it is a rather productive plant for a flower that features blooms of this size, which makes it an economically attractive selection.

If you look at the view of the greenhouse, you can clearly see the strong erect nature of the plant, but also you may observe small brown paper bags. No, this is not the “Unknown Rose”, but blooms of Devotion: The bags are employed to prevent the guard petals from turning black as well as helping to prevent botrytis.


As a result the entire flower is a very clean and alluring red bloom.

The rose is not really in production for this Valentine’s Day, but somewhere in the Mayesh system there are two half boxes, but if this piques your interest ask your Mayesh associate if he has seen it. Hopefully a few lucky florists will enjoy this rather spectacular new red rose.

Devotion by Flores Verdes will be in production sometime in March, and it could become the next big thing.


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