Coming This Spring: Japanese Fresh Cut Flowers

The floral industry is blooming in Japan, with fresh cut flowers being developed by truly artisan farmers who have been perfecting their craft for centuries.  Their fresh cut flowers are known for being pristine (even after being shipped long distances), along with unparalleled quality and grading standards.  It’s their culture to do things at the highest level.

Due to many barriers, exporting Japanese flowers has been extremely difficult.  We have been working on how to remove some of these barriers and this Spring we will be testing the viability of bringing in these novelty flowers from Japan!  Below I have some pictures to share with you, just to give you a sample of these gorgeous cut flowers.  Springtime is always a wonderful time of year and now we have even more to look forward to!


Aspidistra Casablanca Oriental Lily Catalina Spray Rose Eclair Spray Rose Eclair Spray Rose Emerald Wave Stem Yellow Gloriosa Miyama Love Miyama Love Orange Heart Gloriosa Pea Flower Pea Flower Pearl White Gloriosas Pegasus Pegasus

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