Chandler Design Show Twitter Party Recap

About a week and a half ago, we hosted our 1st Twitter party in conjunction with Chandler’s design demonstration class.  If you missed the party, check out the recap below from Sabrina, your Live Event Correspondent.  In addition to the recap, be sure to check out our online album filled with pictures from the event, and stay tuned as we have more goodies from the show that includes some video and interviews.  I can’t wait to share everything with you all! 

From Sabrina Mesa:

clip_image002Ikebana may not be what you think of when you think of Arizona but it was not all cactus and roadrunners on Sunday October 23, 2010. Ikebana was the hot topic of our Think Outside the Box event at our Mayesh Chandler, Arizona location. We decided that this event would be perfect to try out first twitter Party where people from across the world wide web could read a live feed of the entire presentation and demo. Our Twitter followers as well as the live audience of 46 enthusiastic Ikebana lovers arrived and our party was underway.

What is a twitter party exactly? During the entire event we tweeted pictures and comments about what we were watching live and in real time. As our presenter created designs we took pictures and shared them via Twitter (@Mayesh). To make sure people did not miss a beat, we came up with the #hashtag of #TOTBAZ (which stands for Think Outside the Box Arizona.) This unified all of the tweets pertaining to the party. As people commented and asked questions they would add #TOTBZ to every tweet to make sure we saw them. It was a great way to virtually see all of the action. Here is what our feed looked like:



Ping Wei was our presenter for the day. He is from Phoenix, Arizona and runs a school of Ikebana. Check out his site if you would like to see more of his work or find out more about his containers and classes






He created a total of 10 arrangements ranging from the very simplistic using only 2 element. Like this flax leaf and maple leaf design,






to this large show piece of dogwood, palm leaf and yellow lily.







Ping used his own creations for his containers. Here is an example of his ceramic work.





After the presentation students were given design elements and they created their own designs using containers they brought. As they designed Ping Wei went around giving suggestions and critiques. Great way to learn, hands on experience is priceless.





Students brought some very interesting props and ikebana containers. Check out these bronze cranes.



Looks like our students learned a thing or two about ikebana.


Who knew the desert held ancient Japanese tradition.

Check out the event’s entire photo album (click to view):


Thanks for joining us!!

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