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Mayesh Houston Becomes Tomball Bobcats Sponsor

Aside from flowers, giving back to our communities is an integral part of our mission. We love when we see our branches taking an active role in their local communities, the most recent example being Mayesh Houston!

Joe Wildridge, Mayesh Houston’s Operations Manager, has played semi-professional football for the past ten years, many of which he has been a part of Tomball Bobcats, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing young adult athletes and other members of the community the opportunity to participate in organized competitive football events. They also participate in a lot of community events in the Tomball community, like the holiday parade, feeding the homeless, camps for the youth, and community clean up.

The Tomball Bobcats just announced Mayesh Houston as their most recent sponsor, and we’re so thrilled to be a part of this organization. Check out the announcement here!


No-Shave November

Mayesh No-Shave November

We're excited to announce our participation in No-Shave November this year! No-Shave November is a "month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness."

We have a number of employees who will be participating by throwing out their razors for the month and letting that facial hair grow! At the end of the month, we'll be voting on the best transformation, and the branch with the winning participant will create an awesome flower beard.



Mayesh has pledged to MATCH however much we're able to raise, so support your favorite bearded Mayesh employee by donating in their name to help us reach our goal!

Check out our Team page to learn more about the No-Shave November organization and to donate!

2018 Memorial Day Flowers Recap


Over the past two weeks, we’ve been receiving stories & photos from customers who participated in the Memorial Day Flowers event, passing out roses to honor our U.S. service men and women who are no longer with us. We’re honored to be a part in such an important event, and we hope you’ll be inspired to participate next year!



The Little Flower | San Diego, CA


We brought the donated roses to Fort Rosecrans Cemetery and asked the Boy Scouts and others to help place the roses by the head stones of the Veterans. The Little Flower, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts did exactly that until the roses were all placed.





Southern Scent Florals | Charleston, SC


We had the privilege on Memorial Day 2018 to be a board the USS Yorktown in Charleston, South Carolina. Honoring our fallen heroes this memorial day aboard the USS Yorktown, we gave out 750 roses compliments of Mayesh Wholesale attached with an American flag each rose had a commemorative card with the name and antidote of a South Carolina  revolutionary war service man who selflessly served our state and our country.



The Love Sparrows | Lake Arrowhead, CA


Our favorite moments included:
1. A veteran came and told us how he likes to hear “I’m sorry for your loss” on veterans day, because it’s a day that he’s thinking of all of his fellow friends/soldiers that didn’t make it home.
2. A Veteran came and told us when he realized we were handing out flowers for free just to remind people of the importance of veterans day, he got chills….which in turn of course gave us chills.



Wild August | Mission, TX


American Legion Auxiliary Unit 172 in Mission, Texas visited Laurel Hill Cemetery,  San Jose Gabriel Cemetery, Granjeno Cemetery, Rio Grande Valley Veteran’s State Cemetery and Freddy Gonzalez Veteran’s Home to give or place flags and roses on Memorial day. McAllen Unit 37 visited Roselawn Cemeteryand Texas Veteran’s Cemetery.



Naylor Creation & Design | Canby, OR


I started my floral celebration on Friday by distributing flowers to my coworkers who had loved ones who served.  Then on Saturday my husband and I visited some family grave-sites to pay our respects.

On Memorial Day, I set up shop at Zion Memorial Park Cemetery, while the local chapter of the American Legion had their annual service.  I passed out flowers to veterans and loved ones, but most of my time and flowers were spent placing flowers on veterans’ headstones that had no flowers.



Cactus Mart | Morongo Valley, CA


Since we are a popular stop for travelers heading to and from Joshua Tree National Park and the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, we handed out the complimentary roses to our visitors all weekend long. Locals commented on the sentiment and Marine families thanked us for the support.



Arlene’s Flowers | Richland, WA


There were Memorial services given at both funeral homes; we took 3/4 of the roses to Einan’s at Sunset in Richland, and 1/4 to Mueller’s in Kennewick.



Sterling Rose Design | Avon, OH


My family and I participated in the Memorial Day service at St. Joseph Cemetery in Avon, Ohio. We attended mass at the cemetery. After mass we handed roses to families to place on their loved ones graves and then we also placed roses.

It is such a simple and powerful morning. Its our privilege to participate in honoring our fallen and their families.



Florian Floral | Prescott Valley, AZ











Apply for Memorial Day Flowers 2018!

Memorial Day Flowers 2018


The Memorial Day Flowers event is upon us, and we have committed once again to supplying thirty (30) Memorial Day Flower kits! This is a wonderful program that we love to participate in with our customers to recognize the men and women who have served our country.


Please fill out the form if you are interested in receiving a flower kit (250 roses, handouts, and a banner). If selected, you will be charged $40 and will also need to send in pictures of your Memorial Day activities.


Filling out the form is NOT a guarantee to receive a Memorial Day Flowers kit. You will receive an email from Mayesh marketing confirming your participation.


UPDATE: Wow, you guys are amazing! We had over 40 responses yesterday, so I am closing the form down while we go through the applicants. I will send out an update if we still have room or can handle a few more. Stay tuned! 


There are several ways to use the roses you will receive within your communities:

  • Contact your local cemetery and set up a table to distribute roses to visitors. Each visitor will be given two stems of roses: one to place on a headstone and one to take home in remembrance of a friend or relative. Optionally, you could provide a service for families that are unable to visit by sending a digital picture of the rose lying on the headstone.
  • Distribute roses at your local Memorial Day parade or ceremony.
  • Place a sign at your shop offering a free Memorial Day Rose to anyone who comes in on the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Participating in the Memorial Day Flowers “Florists & Community” program is an excellent way to connect with your community and honor those who served. A single rose, placed on a headstone, is a floral expression of appreciation.

Here are some of our favorite images from last year’s event, and check out the full 2017 recap here!


Memorial Day Flowers


Memorial Day Flowers


Memorial Day Flowers


Memorial Day Flowers


Mayesh Phoenix Partnership with Gompers

Mayesh Phoenix Gompers


As many of you know, giving back and partnering with charitable organizations is a big priority for Mayesh. From our Art in Full Bloom event in Las Vegas with AFAN, to our yearly Lonely Bouquet Day, to toy drives and adopting families over the holidays, there’s nothing we love more than helping those in need.

And that is no different for our Phoenix branch. Mayesh Phoenix has been partnering with Gompers for the past two years, a local organization that works with people with disabilities to help develop innovative opportunities, and assist these individuals in achieving their highest level of independence in the community. Mayesh Phoenix employs two of these individuals, Jeff and Eric, to do warehouse work, help in the cooler and clean buckets. They have been with us for almost two years, and according to Phoenix team member Krista Hamas, they “truly are our happiest employees who have become such a valuable part of our staff.” Now let’s get to know them a little better!





Mayesh Phoenix Gompers


My name is Eric, I am 33 years old. I have been with Mayesh Phoenix for 2 years now. My main jobs are maintaining the bucket line and keeping our location super clean. I work with Mayesh Phoenix through an organization called Gompers Az. Their mission is to empower disabled individuals and help them find jobs within the workplace. The very best part of working at Mayesh is that I make my own money, and that I get to smell the flowers everyday. Francisco Mora has been teaching me to make garland. I love it here. In my spare time I love to workout and watch the Power Rangers on TV.





Mayesh Phoenix Gompers


My name is Jeffrey. I am 35 years old and have been with Mayesh for over 2 years now, Along with Eric, my main responsibilities are maintaining the bucket line and keeping the warehouse clean. I love coming to work everyday because I get to see my friends, and I get to talk to people. I am very active and in my spare time I love to play soccer, swim, go bowling and go to church.



We hope you enjoyed getting to know Eric & Jeff a bit more… now check out this beautiful video Gompers created to take a peek into the different programs they work with… stick around until the end, Mayesh makes an appearance near the end!


Art in Full Bloom 2017

Art in Full Bloom - Crazy Daisy



NOVEMBER 10, 2017
4PM – 9PM

3950 WEST DIABLO #B11, LAS VEGAS, NV 89118


This year’s theme – CRAZY DAISY “A Neon Celebration of Colors” will be dedicated to AFAN – the HIV / AIDS community and their talents within the art and floral industries. Artists and designers will be asked to focus on the uses of electric colors in their art and floral designs. Attendees are encouraged to participate with flamboyant costumes and revelry.

Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN) provides support and advocacy for adults and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS in southern Nevada. AFAN works to reduce HIV infection through prevention education to eliminate fear, prejudice and the stigma associated with the disease. AFAN is committed to a system that nurtures personal growth and dignity of persons served, which is emphasized during orientation, ongoing staff training and the culture of our organization.

Attendees are asked to make a donation to selected charity upon entrance, buy art, raffles, and bid at the silent auction.

Art in Full Bloom is a FREE event started as a simple open house for Mayesh Wholesale Florist and has grown into an eclectic mix of flora, art and fun! Local artists are asked to exhibit with opportunities to sell their art. In addition, local floral designers are asked to create a floral design to accent/complement the art piece. There will also be featured Floral Fantasy designs, a student competition, raffles, silent auction and fabulous noshes & libations.

Hope to see you there!!




If you are a local artist or florist and are interested in participating in this year's event, get more information here:

Art Alive 2017

rotunda design by Carlos Franco of Green Fresh Florals

Mayesh Wholesale was proud to partner with Carlos of Green Fresh Florals and contribute part of the beautiful fresh floral product for this year’s Art Alive installation at the San Diego Museum of Art.

This Gala event, held every year, showcases the museum’s stunning art and architecture marrying the beauty of art with the beauty of floral design. The annual San Diego Museum of Art fundraiser features floral interpretations of pieces from the museum’s permanent collection. Many area floral designers contributed their designs which helped bring over 12,000 visitors to witness the Museum’s floral transformation, raising more than $1.3 million! That money will benefit public programs and exhibitions.

Carlos Franco of Green Fresh Floral of Hillcrest designed and installed this year’s stunning rotunda display. An extravagant and rich color combination of vivid flowers from California and South America interpreted through Carlos’ vision, a “surrealist dream of sunrise and sunset”. Truly an immersive installation, Carlos’ creation began outside the Museum’s entrance and continued to the second-floor rotunda.

Franco, 42 is a third generation San Diego native who grew up in Paradise Hills and now lives in the College Area. This is his fourth time to design this installation for Art Alive and it was truly breathtaking.

We had the pleasure of sending one of our favorite cinematographers, Logan Martin of Talewind Visuals, to capture the installation of the surrealist dream of sunrise and sunset by Carlos and his team, as well as some of the other floral designs displayed at the event. Please sit back and enjoy the work of many artisans working together for this wonderful fundraising event!

(blog contributor: Shelley Anders)

Mayesh Lonely Bouquet 2017 Recap

Mayesh Lonely Bouquet 2017


Last month, we held our fourth annual Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day, inspired by the International Lonely Bouquet initiative. We invited customers at every branch to create a pretty little bouquet, add a “take me” tag (we love to see where they ended up!) and leave the flowers anywhere around town for an unsuspecting stranger to come across. From a Target shopping cart to a bench outside the local hospital, we had hundreds of bouquets scattered around the country. It’s such a simple way to spread joy and happiness, and is one of our absolutely favorite days of the year!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and helped make the day of someone who needed it! Being surrounded by flowers every day, it’s so easy to forget just how special flowers can make someone feel, and the smiles they can put on a stranger’s face.

To find out where they ended up, check out #MayeshLonelyBouquet on Instagram!




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet



Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet




Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Mayesh Lonely Bouquet

2017 Memorial Day Flowers Recap



Two weeks ago, we participated once again in a very special event, Memorial Day Flowers. Memorial Day is a day to recognize the fallen men and women who have served our country, and we are honored to be a part in such an important event. We received a few sets of images from places we sent roses, we hope they’ll inspire you to participate next year!



Gonsalves-Fasso Flowers | Hanford, CA


We participated in the Memorial Day celebration at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Coalinga. There was a great turn out from our Avenal community as you can see by the picture.  Thank you to Avenal Police Dept and their explorer program.



Kathryn Church Designs | Idaho


We gave them away at a local cookie stand who was giving vets free cookies at our farmer’s market and then at the cemetery.  We marked the flags with roses (each flag has a dog tag on it.)   And some we just gave to people or placed on a grave who were there at the cemetery.



Ventura, California





Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day 2017

Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day 2017


Every year we’re asked if we’re going to continue doing our own Mayesh Lonely Bouquet, and every year, the answer is a resounding YES! We love this event just as much as you do, so we’re excited to announce that this year’s Lonely Bouquet Design Day will be held on Wednesday, June 28th at all Mayesh locations.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Lonely Bouquet, here is a quick summary: it is a global initiative with a goal of making strangers happy with flowers. Participants create a small bouquet, add a “take me” tag, and leave the bouquet somewhere public to be found and taken home. It’s a simple but powerful idea.

Our marketing director, Yvonne, was able to connect with Emily Avenson, of Fleuropen, who launched (inter)National Lonely Bouquet Day back in 2013 to encourage participation from others. I asked Emily how she came up with the name “Lonely Bouquet” and she said, “… I tried to think of something that would appeal to the average passer-by. People often hesitate to take the flowers, and the word “lonely” seemed like something that would trigger an empathetic response and encourage someone to take the flowers home, whether they “need” them or not.”

Emily wanted emphasize “the importance of spreading happiness, love, and good. Whether you choose to participate in the Lonely Bouquet project or find your own special way of cultivating kindness, the world we live in can use all of the flower-power that we have. It might seem silly to think that a small bunch of flowers can make a difference… but it can, and it does.”





Wednesday, June 28th (during store hours)


At all Mayesh locations nationwide





Mayesh will provide an array of flowers free of charge to design your lonely bouquet on June 28, 2017. Local Mayesh customers must come to their Mayesh location to design their bouquet.

  • For shipping customers, please let your Mayesh rep know that you are interested in participating and they can pull together some blooms for the bouquet to ship with your order.
  • Shipping customer must submit a photo of their completed Lonely Bouquet to
  • Mayesh will provide Lonely Bouquet tags to attach. Please bring a business card that you can attach as well.
  • Besides Mayesh flowers, designs may contain any other accessories and use any container, as long as it is provided by the designer.
  • For shipping customers, we recommend you ship an order ahead of time. Please work with your sales rep on the details; participants assume freight costs.
    Participants must be current customers of Mayesh Wholesale Florist and in good standing.
  • Submitted photos become the property of Mayesh Wholesale and may be used for promotion and publicity.



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