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Mayesh Cooler Picks: July


Need a little color inspiration? Look no further than these colorful, summery color palettes featuring some of our gorgeous luxe wholesale flowers!






Mayesh Cooler Picks July

top | double coral tulip, Allyson garden rose, apricot parrot tulip
middle | coral double hollyhock, peach ball dahlia, Augusta Luise garden rose
bottom | Juliet garden rose, Blushing Parasol garden spray rose, peach ranunculus





Mayesh Cooler Picks July

top | Inferno astilbe, blush astrantia, blush cosmos
middle | white agapanthus, Japanese bleached fern, white lace cap hybrid
bottom | Blushing Bride protea, blush cottage yarrow, blush honeycomb dahlias





Mayesh Cooler Picks July

top | lavender gomphrena, double flowering oregano, purple foxglove
middle | mauve hellebores, double variegated cosmos, hops oregano
bottom | lavender dahlias, purple physostegia, Mon Cheri garden spray rose





top | magenta peonies, Nobbio Blackheart carnations, hot pink double tulips
middle | Burgundy scabiosa, burgundy ball dahlias, burgundy anemones
bottom | fuchsia lace garden spray rose, Hypnosis carnations, antique coral ball dahlia


Mayesh Cooler Picks: June

Mayesh Cooler Picks


From bright, juicy colors to softer pastels, summer flowers can be done either way! Check out some of our gorgeous wholesale flowers in both palettes in these June Mayesh Cooler Picks!






Mayesh Cooler Picks

top | Coral Charm peonies, Shimmer roses, coral zinnias
middle | antique red hydrangea, Madam Butterfly garden spray rose, red foxglove
bottom | Princess Kishi garden rose, gold amaranthus, Houdini Garden Rose





Mayesh Cooler Picks

top | Mr. Ed peonies, peach eremurus, inferno astilbe
middle | Caramel Antike garden rose, Cafe au Lait Dahlia, Citrine Gem garden spray rose
bottom | blush hellebores, Garden Treasure peony, Hanoi ranunculus


Mayesh Cooler Picks: April

Mayesh Cooler Picks April


Spring has sprung! Well, in some places at least – what’s up with all this rain and snow in so many parts of the country?! Whether you’re in a rainy or a sunny climate right now, here are some of our beautiful wholesale flowers in lovely spring color palettes to brighten your day! We’ll be posting them on Pinterest so head on over there to pin any palettes you’re inspired by.





Mayesh Cooler Picks April

top | white ranunculus, blush snowberries, Bridal Veil garden spray rose
middle | Lux Ariadne butterfly ranunculus, flannel flower, peach foxglove
bottom | white lilac, blush astilbe, white snowberry





Mayesh Cooler Picks April

top | Cerinthe, Eze ranunculus, fritillaria persica
middle | Grand Jubilee garden rose, pink jasmine, Roseanne lisianthus
bottom | plum hellebores, copper extasis carnation, mixed succulents





Mayesh Cooler Picks April

top | Picotee ranunculus, fuschia lace garden spray rose, Miyabe garden rose
middle | purple foxglove, Grevillea Johnsonii, hot pink sweet peas
bottom | coral double French tulips, Charlotte ranunculus, Theseus butterfly ranunculus





Mayesh Cooler Picks April

top | coral ranunculus, Beatrice garden rose, Libretto parrot tulip
middle | Beehive ginger, Juliane garden spray rose, peach hyacinth
bottom | Vuvuzela garden rose, Buttery gerondo gerber, Queensland tulip


Mayesh Cooler Picks: End of Fall

Mayesh Cooler Picks fall


We’re heading into the cold winter months, but before we jump right in, we’re wrapping up fall with our favorite late-autumn wholesale flowers! Check out these gorgeous palettes from the end of November.





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | Purple strawflower, mauve astrantia, burgundy dianthus
middle | Mascotte tulip, picotee ranunculus, nobbio burgundy carnation
bottom | burgundy dahlia, Minerva carnation, burgundy upright amaranthus





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | Café dahlias, peach Clooney ranunculus, shimmer rose
middle | Peach freesia, Combi Pomponi gerberas, peach hyacinth
bottom | Juliet garden rose, Alissa apricot double lisianthus, Julianne garden spray rose





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | White sweet peas, white peonies, frilly white tulips
middle | Bridal veil spray rose, white dahlias, Romeo garden rose
bottom | White scabiosa, Liberstar tulips, orlaya





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | White nigella, de-petaled sunflowers, rose geranium
middle | viburnum, white euphorbia, thlaspi green bell
bottom | white gomphrena, poppy pods, Snow on the Mountain


Mayesh Cooler Picks | Fall II

Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall


Bringing you our favorite wholesale flowers in the yummiest fall palettes in this October edition of #MayeshCoolerPicks! Whether your upcoming events are dark and moody, or your clients want a pop of color in the colder months, we’ve got a bit of everything in these four palettes!





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | burgundy scabiosa, hot pink ball dahlias, black ligustrum
middle | topaz garden spray rose, amaranthus foliage, hot pink hydrangea
bottom | burgundy weigela, pink zinnias, burgundy dahlias





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | viburnum nudum foliage, cotinus, clerodendron pods
middle | viburnum cranberry foliage, rex begonia leaves, variegated leucothoe
bottom | burgundy viburnum berries, burgundy weigela, red maple vine





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | magnolia grevillea foliage, Quicksand rose, echinacea pods
middle | Putamayo carnation, Dutch Golden Mustard rose, Lege Sport carnation
bottom | gold upright amaranthus, pampus grass, Shimmer rose





Mayesh Cooler Picks Fall

top | giant coral hypericum, Supernova spray rose, Natures Cherry rose
middle | hot pink snapdragons, orange/coral dinner plate dahlias, hot pink ball dahlias
bottom | Big Fun rose, hot pink coxcomb, red waratah protea


Mayesh Cooler Picks | Summer


We’re kicking off summer with a fresh set of #MayeshCoolerPicks! You can find them on Pinterest as well to save these juicy color palettes to your own inspiration boards.





Mayesh Cooler Picks Summer Peach

top | Helios garden rose, gold gerrondo, ilse spray rose
middle | Garden Treasure peony, peach dahlia, gold bearded iris
bottom | cinnamon rose, Caramel Antike garden rose, peach ranunculus





Mayesh Cooler Picks Summer Lavender

top | blush scabiosa, lavender frilly tulips, blush ball dahlias
middle | mauve astrantia, pink + white clematis, lavender ranunculus
bottom | picotee ranunculus, lavender lilac, allium siculum





Mayesh Cooler Picks Summer Mulberry

top | dark red scabiosa, chocolate cosmos, burgundy astilbe
middle | Diablo ninebark, red charm peony, chocolate dahlia
bottom | burgundy ranunculus, plum foliage, burgundy upright amaranthus





Mayesh Cooler Picks Summer Pale Pink

top | Moonstone garden spray rose, white muscari, pink lilac
middle | white clematis, blush anemones, white scabiosa
bottom | blush hyacinth, white sweet peas, pink mondial rose

Mayesh Cooler Picks | Spring IV

Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring


#MayeshCoolerPicks comin’ your way! And don’t forget to share them with your friends on Pinterest!





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Bubblegum

top | Pink sweet peas, pink kangaroo paw, mauve astrantia
middle | Picotee ranunculus, local blush garden rose, pink cottage yarrow
bottom | Babylon carnation, Pink Hawthorne, lavender ranunculus




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Crimson

top | Coral godetia, burgundy coxcomb, Jatropha firecracker
middle | Mini fruiting pomegranates, Fuego Garden Rose, Henry Bockstoce peonies
bottom | Nature’s cherry rose, Red Montbresia, coral sweet peas




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Marigold and Purple

top | Combo roses, Antique purple hydrangea, local brown lisianthus
middle | Purple kale, variegated bearded iris, purple foxglove
bottom | Allium Sicillium, lavender deutzia, golden mustard rose





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Salmon

top | Queensland tulip, peach ranunculus, Romantic Antike Garden Rose
middle | Juliet Garden Rose, Pink King Protea, Blush Popcorn viburnum
bottom | Ruffled Sunset Tree peony, porcelina spray rose, pink Finesse rose





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Sangria

top | Burgundy anemone, burgundy columbine, burgundy ranunculus
middle | Ying Yang dahlia, Hypnosis carnation, deep purple roses
bottom | Local purple clematis, red foxglove, Hephestos Tree peony

Mayesh Cooler Picks | Spring III


Here’s your weekly dose of #MayeshCoolerPicks, which can also be found on our Pinterest for your pinning pleasure!





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Camel rose, chocolate cosmos, Quicksand rose
middle | Black Baccara rose, La Belle Époque tulips, burgundy peony tulips
bottom | Cappuccino rose, Persica fritillaria, Caramel Antique garden rose





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Quartz Gem Garden Spray Rose, Watermelon Parrot tulips, Augusta Luise Garden Rose
middle | Romantic Antique garden rose, red flowering grevilliea, pink scabiosa
bottom | Pink columbine, coral dianthus, pink frilly tulips





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Coral Clooney ranunculus, red wheat celosia, Queensland tulips
middle | Double frilly peony tulips, Pink Finesse rose, red crocosmia
bottom | Coral sweet peas, red French parrot tulips, Ilse spray





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Blush hyacinth, Julianne garden spray rose, blush lilac
middle | Super Bubbles garden spray rose, Peach flowering grevillea, snow drops
bottom | Blush Delphinium Belladonna, Sir Winston Churchill daffodils, Europa astilbe





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Hot pink buddleia, Free Spirit rose, hot pink frilly tulips
middle | Orange geum, orange giant cox comb, orange asclepias
bottom | Maria Theresa garden rose, orange peony tulips, hot pink ranunculus





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Antique mauve hydrangea, local Lux Ariadne ranunculus, Antigua carnation
middle | Sahara spray rose, mauve columbine, La Belle Époque tulips
bottom | Purple foxglove, Putumayo carnation, allium siculum





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring

top | Peach Gerrondos, peach French tulips, Moonstone garden spray rose
middle | Citrine gem garden spray rose, Peach pon pon ranunculus, Double Libretto tulips
bottom | Peach tulips, peach ranunculus, Blush Clooney ranunculus

Mayesh Cooler Picks | Spring II

Mayesh Cooler Picks


We’re still playing catch-up, so let’s jump into the first set of April cooler picks! And remember to visit our Mayesh Cooler Picks Pinterest board to pin these inspirational color palettes to your own Pinterest!





Mayesh Cooler Picks Watermelon

top | Coral Gerrondo gerbera daisy, Peach hyacinth, Coral charm peony
middle | Peach ranunculus, Kahala rose, Apricot Parrot tulip
bottom | Coral hypericum, Blushing Parasol garden spray, Coral Bouvardia





Mayesh Cooler Picks white pink

top | Blush Japanese sweet peas, Blooming Berzelia baubles, Blush Japanese ranunculus
middle | White riceflower, white dogwood, white lilac
bottom | Ice Cream double tulip, Desert Yearning amaranthus, Cream Piaget garden rose



Mayesh Cooler Picks Taupey Blush

top | Ghobi rose, Cappuccino rose, Juliet Garden Rose
middle | Moonstone Garden Rose, Patience Garden Rose, Mother of Pearl rose
bottom | Emely rose, Sahara spray rose, Citrine Gem spray rose




Mayesh Cooler Picks Raspberry

top | Matador garden rose, Paula Fey peony, Red French Parrot tulip
middle | Hot pink Parrot tulip, Hot pink giant coxcomb, pink scabiosa
bottom | Red ranunculus, Maria Theresa garden rose, Championship double tulip




Mayesh Cooler Picks Peach

top | Peach double tulip, Peach clooney ranunculus, Beige Japanese ranunculus
middle | Peach lisianthus, Yellow Tree Peony, Putumayo carnation
bottom | Brown lisianthus, Salmanasar garden rose, Beatrice garden rose




Mayesh Cooler Picks Orchid

top | Pink pompom ranunculus, Mauve tree peony, Pink Picotee ranunculus
middle | Purple clematis, lavender ranunculus, burgundy anemones
bottom | pink dogwood, Air Parrot tulip, pink/white clematis




Mayesh Cooler Picks Fuschia

top | Thalia dahlia, Viper wine carnation, hot pink Kangaroo Paw
middle | Marshmallow Scoop scabiosa, Championship double tulip, burgundy astilbe
bottom | purple hellebore, blueberry rose, antique burgundy hydrangea




Mayesh Cooler Picks Boysenberry

top | Brenda protea, hot pink ranunculus, coral snapdragons
middle | burgundy freesia, burgundy dahlias, burgundy cymbidiums 
bottom | Red Bleeding Hearts, hot pink hydrangea, Red Cottage Yarrow

Mayesh Cooler Picks | Spring


We all know and love the gorgeous Mayesh Pulls we’re always posting, and we’ve found another way to show you the goods! We’ll be posting weekly palettes with variety names, which we hope will eventually become a way for you to search for specific flowers by season & color palette.

We’re a bit behind, so this first collection of weekly cooler picks is from March 31st. You can also find these images on our Pinterest, so check them out and pin away!





Mayesh Cooler Picks Blush

top | Blush kangaroo paw, blush hydrangea, blush Japanese anemones
middle | Peach gerrondo gerberas, peach Japanese ranunculus, Kahala roses
bottom | Charity garden roses, Elsenburg parrot tulips, blush nerines





Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Coral

top | Brownie double tulips, coral mini Phalaenopsis, combo roses
middle | Pink Finesse roses, orange charlotte Japanese ranunculus, Clooney peach ranunculus
bottom | Gold amaranthus, Local Luxe Musa ranunculus, brown sweet peas




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Hot Pink

top | Burgundy coxcomb, Cheerio carnations, Tess garden roses
middle | Sunanda lava vandas, Coral Pom Pom ranunculus, Terracotta gerberas
bottom | Jatropha fFirecracker, Nature’s cherry rose, Garnet Gem garden spray rose




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Magenta

top | Red charm peonies, double Italian magenta anemones, Nobbio Blackheart carnation
middle | Hot pink dianthus, local pink/white clematis, hot pink giant coxcomb
bottom | Italian hybrid burgundy anemones, hot pink boronia, burgundy dahlias




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Plum Burgundy

top | Red charm peonies, Café au Lait dahlias, burgundy local clematis
middle | Seti Japanese ranunculus, mauve cymbidiums, mauve sweet peas
bottom | Plum ranunculus, mother of pearl roses, black Baccarra roses




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring pastel pink yellow

top | Coral Gerrondos, yellow tree peony, Lovely Hearts garden rose
middle | Beatrice garden rose, Libretto parrot tulip, double peach tulip Charming
bottom | Peach Clooney ranunculus, leucadendron discolor, Blushing Parasol garden spray




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Peachy Pink

top | Local Luxe ranunculus, blush riceflower, peach lisianthus
middle | Light pink gerrondos, shimmer roses, blush Japanese ranunculus
bottom | Peach tulips, blush astilbe, local Natasha spray roses




Mayesh Cooler Picks Spring Pink Orange

top | Orange dubium, Maria Theresa garden roses, orange parrot tulips
middle | Coral poppies, orange fritilaria imperialis, coral charm peonies
bottom | Orange giant coxcomb, hot pink ranunculus, orange geum


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