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Women’s Day 2015

Women's Day 2014


Valentine’s Day has come to a pass and now it is time to rally for Women’s Day, which is on March 8th!  For a little history on this holiday, you can read my blog post from last year.

In the next few days our branches will be receiving 100 of each of the fliers/posters below for you to help promote Women’s Day in your shop.


The Women’s Day promotional posters are being provided by:

  • Association of Floral Importers of Florida
  • Asocolflores
  • CCFC
  • CalFlowers
  • SAF
  • Wholesale Florists & Florist Suppliers Association

SAF has created tons of resources and graphics to help florists promote this holiday as well.  Be sure to check them out here:

Michael LoBlue, CEO of CalFlowers share with me:

“[We are seeing] unprecedented industry cooperation.  According to Flowers& Magazine’s February issue reporting on a high level meeting referred to as the Flower Summit, held at the WF&FSA Annual Meeting  in October 2014:

“At the end of the day six of these organizations formed a partnership and called it “Promote Women’s Day”.  The partnership covers a wide industry base, from U.S. and Colombian flower growers, to importers, exporters, wholesalers and others.  In fact, the coalition represents possibly the most successful example in many years of cooperation and collaboration among different segments of the industry to boost flower sales.” (pg 62)

As an active participant in this collaboration — actually, it was CalFlowers (formerly known as:  NORCAL) that challenged the other industry associations to come together, put aside parochial interests and concerns, and do something together that rises the tides to lift all boats in this industry.”

As you can see this is an exciting effort happing with in our industry!

Poster 1:

Women's Day 2014

Poster 2:

Women's Day 2014


So tell us … have you promoted Women’s Day in the past?  How did it go for you?  Are you going to promote it this year?

February 2015 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Valentine’s Day Roses & More

In this addition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Beth O’Reilly AIFD gives you the rundown of some of the beautiful varieties of roses that Mayesh has to offer for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Featured roses: Freedom, Topaz, Hearts, Wanted, Red France, Pink Piano, Red Piano, Check Mate, Cherry O and Coral Gem spray rose.

Also featuring: Sweet William, phalaenopsis orchids and steel grass.


Floral Perspective: Modern Thanksgiving Design with Jodi Duncan AIFD

You have had 9 months to figure out if you are #TeamPatience, #TeamBeth, or #TeamTony.  With so many fabulous floral design videos, who do you think will be our next Mayesh Design Star?  We are crunching the numbers now and will reveal the winner very soon.  Stay tuned!!

To hold you over and since we missed Jodi Duncan, we invited her back for our November edition of the Floral Perspective series. Last year Jodi showed us an abundance of Thanksgiving goodness. This year she has taken a more sleek and modern approach. This design is simple yet sophisticated and packs a lot of punch and is perfect for dressing any holiday table.

Featured product: Flame calla lilies, wheat and pincushion protea.

Hard goods: Modern container from UCI, Oasis UGlu strips, Oasis silver metallic wire, Lehner Wolle³ flower wool and UCI gems.


Adopted Mayesh Lonely Bouquets 2014

Last Wednesday, we hosted our first ever Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day!  We are still working on putting together all of the pictures from our branches, but I am estimating that with the help of our amazing customers, we were able to send out around 250 Lonely Bouquets!!  So many florists got in the spirit to help spread joy and give others the opportunity to experience the power of flowers.  These bouquets helped brighten the day of the recipients and in some cases the flowers were adopted by people that really needed them!  I loved reading through all of the stories, so I wanted to make sure that I shared as many of them as I could!



Women’s Day 2014


Mayesh wants to help you spread the word to your customers about Women’s Day, which takes place on March 8th. If you have never heard of Women’s Day, it is an international holiday that celebrates economic, political, and social achievements of past, present, and future women. Here are some highlights regarding the holiday:

  • In 1909, Women’s Day started as an American holiday in New York City.
  • It spread to Europe in 1910.
  • Russia and Eastern Europe embraced this holiday after the 1917 Revolution.
  • It is now the largest flower holiday in these countries exceeding Valentine’s and Mother’s Day combined.
  • In 2012, 268 events were held in the USA to inspire women and celebrate their achievements – up from 74 in 2011.
  • Watch this video showing how pretty much everyone in Russia buys flowers for Women’s Day:



Can you imagine such a holiday in which people from all walks of life purchase flowers to celebrate all of the important women in their lives? If you would like to explore the possibilities and promote the holiday within your shop, we have created marketing assets to help you. Please feel free to download the materials at no cost to you. You will find the following items (in both JPG and PDF formats):

  • 16×20 Poster
  • 8.5×11 Flier
  • 4.25×6 Postcard Front
  • Facebook Timeline Cover

The .jpg files are optimized for print, not web, so the colors will show a little differently online.  For what the true colors look like be sure to look at the .pdf files.  Also, if you don’t have a company that you typically use for printing, we often use

Lastly, if you are looking for some different design options, as well as ideas for social media posts, press release, promotional ideas, etc., be sure to check out all of the resources provided by SAF at:

Sign Up to Participate – Memorial Day Roses

Memorial Day Flowers


We are very excited to participate in this year’s Memorial Day Flowers!!  Read on to get all of the details and to register:

A Rose for the Headstone, Another Rose to Take Home in Memory

Memorial Day 2012: 50,000 roses were donated by farms and distributed by florists at 95 cemeteries or ceremonies in twenty-six states.

2013 Goal: The Memorial Day Flowers ”Florists & Community” program has expanded and will be offered to two hundred florists nationally.

Participating florists will receive 400 roses, a Memorial Day Flowers banner, and 200 informational handouts. There is a space on the back of the handouts to place your shop’s information. One (1) box per company please.

Your 400 roses are donated by South American and U.S. rose growers. For the first 40 Mayesh Wholesale Florist customers there is no charge as Mayesh will pick up the freight and handling cost.


There are several ways to use the roses you will receive within your communities:


  • Contact your local cemetery and set up a table to distribute roses to visitors. Each visitor will be given two stems of roses: one to place on a headstone and one to take home in remembrance of a friend or relative. Optionally, you could provide a service for families that are unable to visit by sending a digital picture of the rose lying on the headstone.

    This is a local news video link from one of the participating florists in Auburn, Massachusetts:

  • Distribute roses at your local Memorial Day parade or ceremony.
  • Place a sign at your shop offering a free Memorial Day Rose to anyone who comes in on the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Participating in the Memorial Day Flowers “Florists & Community” program is an excellent way to connect with your community and honor those who served. A single rose, placed on a headstone, is a floral expression of appreciation.

The cornerstone of the 2012 events was Arlington National Cemetery. 60,000 Ecuadorian roses and 2,000 Californian bouquets were handed out by 120

Valentine’s Day: Quito Airport

Blogger: David Dahlson

Another Valentine’s season is in the books, and today lovers, wives, spouses, partners, secret admirers and overtly affectionate people everywhere will express their feelings with flowers. An overwhelming majority will give roses, and many of these roses will come from Ecuador, which is why Mayesh places so much emphasis on endeavoring to assure the quality of these products.

On my last day In Ecuador, I went to visit the new international airport, which is set to open on February 20th, in just seven days. The old airport became engulfed by the city, and a new airport is long overdue. It was originally slated to open in 2007, but due to political haggling and budgetary concerns it has taken until now to get to a point where it can open. Clearly it has now become politically expedient to open, whether the airport is ready or not. I say this because clearly the airport as a whole is in no state to be opening, as many of the ancillary buildings and services are not ready, and in particular almost none of the cargo facilities are complete.



The runway, control tower, taxi ways and the passenger terminal are indeed complete. However, almost none of the cargo facilities are close to being finished with the exception of the palletizing building. The customs buildings, as well as the freight forwarder facilities of some of the principal cargo agencies are still just skeletal frames comprised of huge steel girders. Estimates project these may be six more months to be completed. A lot of the parking areas are still to be completed, some of the interior roadways need to be finished, as well as the administrative center, and all in all one scratches one’s head in bewilderment; but as they say resignedly in Quito, “The airport will open because it has to!”

Fortunately for Mayesh, their freight forwarder, “Flowercargo” as well as Fresh Logistics, Royal Cargo, Pacific, Valu and EPF have a facility under construction just outside the airport boundaries that is close to completion and according to Juan-Simon Bustamente, GM of Flowercargo, will open on the 20th of February.



Unfortunately, many of the large agencies such as G & G, Panatlantic, Transinternational and the Kuehne & Nagel group are left high and dry and will have to continue operating out of Quito. This will incur massive expenses, as the farms will still need to drive to Quito, where those freight forwarders will consolidate the cargo and the truck it to the new airport, about an hour away – if there is no traffic.



The plan to open on the 20th of this month also will have grave implications for the Russian holiday of “Women’s Day”, as getting the freight organized for dispatch will be a massive head-ache. Even worse for the Russians is the fact that a lot of their Woman’s Day crop has come and gone due to the exceptionally hot weather. I have heard prices as high as cm. plus 0.80c!!!

Considering that the airport was designed for an opening in 2007, it is not surprising that it is already too small, and a second phase of construction for the passenger terminal is already in the works. Probably the greatest tragedy is that the cargo facilities were completely ignored, and have been addressed only as an afterthought. This is a pity as the chance to have a modern, efficient cargo hub has been completely dashed, and the facilities will now be a patchwork of band-aids and an inadequate mish-mash of add-ons.

Clearly, everyone in the business of importing/exporting flowers from Ecuador will have several weeks, if not months of logistics problems; and for growers, truckers, cargo agents in both Quito and Miami, as well as the final customer there will have to be a higher level of cooperation than ever before.

Even the roads to and from Quito to Tabavela, where the airport is located, have not been built, and are not expected to be completed until 2015. For passengers and cargo logistics alike the likelihood of a daily traffic nightmare will soon be realized. The new airport seems to be not so much “Back to the future”; as it is “Forward to the past.”

I wish everybody in our business all the best for Valentine’s Day, and I do hope that the one you love receives some flowers. Preferably from you! Hasta la vista.

Happy Holiday Flower Designs


I just arrived home from attending a Christmas concert with my family as I sit down to write this blog post.  That is why I love this time of year so very much because of the time we make to spend with our friends and family, while remembering the ones who are not with us any more.  With the addition of my daughter, it truly is a magical time of year.

Being in the spirit of the moment, I wanted to share the holiday message that my team member, Valerie Maurer wrote for our company this year for you, our customer:

As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape our business in a most significant way.  We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the year to come.  We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with peace and prosperity.

All of us at Mayesh Wholesale extend to you our sincerest Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season.”

I couldn’t have said it better.  I would like to add that I am so very thankful for those of you who may have never been a Mayesh customer and to the many amazing people that I’ve met throughout this year for supporting us in the floral community by reading our blogs, watching our videos, being in our videos, distributing our press releases, and sharing our enthusiasm for our industry!  Your energy and time is valued – thank you!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Joyous Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays to all!

And that leads me to the lovely pictures below.  I love when we take the time to “deck the halls” and create a festive holiday atmosphere within our homes.  We do this to celebrate and in honor of the many guests that many of us host throughout the holiday season.  Our 2012 Mayesh Design Star, Mandy Majerik, AIFD, PFCI presents two large, but gorgeous holiday floral designs that would be perfect flanking a front entrance or a fireplace using wholesale ilex branches, Peacock Kale, rosette kale, Red Paris roses, Cool Water roses, Green Trick dianthus, and red amaryllis.  If you haven’t watched the video yet, check it out here.

This may be Mandy’s last official Mayesh Design Star design video, but we have plans to continue to work with this star!  Be sure to stay tuned!!  Cheers!


Hitomi’s Floral Christmas Class Highlights

Blogger: Sabrina Mesa

I love to travel. That fact that traveling is part of my job is an absolute plus, but covering and attending local classes here in Tucson, AZ is great!

When I heard Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD from Deisgn358 was teaching a Christmas class at Askren’s & Sons (a local floral supply house) I knew I had to RSVP immediately.

“Hitomi is an internationally renowned floral artist who has guest-designed throughout North America, England, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Singapore and Australia. She brings her well-travelled knowledge of latest trends from around the world to offer clients the best floral creativity possible.”

Hitomi is all about designing smart and always keeping in mind merchandising and sales techniques. Her class was using silks but her methods can be easily translated to fresh.

Tip: Single stems can make a great display when grouped.

Florists and customers love this technique. This technique allows for single stems to shine, yet compliment other flowers in a display. As for merchandising it is a great opportunity to show off cool small containers and not just keep them on a shelf in the back room.

This brings us to another important tip.

Tip: Bring those containers from your backroom to the front sales floor.

Most florists keep stockpiles of containers in their backroom. How can customers buy them if they can’t see them? Bring containers out and make mock arrangements. When making mock arrangements use those as opportunities to show off add-ons like butterflies and birds.

Tip: Use plastic or glue between foam to hold water for vertical arrangements.

This was an awesome tip for fresh designers. The glue or plastic barriers allow hydration to stay towards the areas where it needed.

Tip: Sell artisanship not just flowers.

You are the expert, you are the artist, you are a ROCK STAR! Do not sell your labor time cheap. Remember they are coming to you for your expertise, do not sell yourself short.

Tip: Create a trend within your shop.

Do not let your clients tell you what is hip and what is happening. You show them with your displays and your store. Buy containers by collection and set that collection out with product to show possibility. You cannot sell it unless you give a customer a chance to want it.

So many tips to share! I hope you find these tips useful during this holiday season and all year round.

If you ever have a chance to attend one of Hitomi’s sessions whether it be a fresh or silk. GO! You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Hitomi and Askren’s & Sons for such a great program.



Neil Leeson Decor Floral’s Holiday & Design Show

Like so many others, I LOVE the holidays!  Even more so now that I have my daughter Mirabella, who is three, to share this magical time with.  And also like many, I have seen and read the controversy over the holiday magic hitting stores a little earlier each year.  One of my favorite stores had Christmas ornament decor hanging from their ceiling right after Halloween.  It’s a bit crazy, but for me, the holiday season begins when our customers hold their annual holiday open houses.  I don’t always get to make it to all of them, but try to go to a couple with my husband (who’s the Cleveland Mayesh branch manager).  And this year I was able to check out Neil Leeson Decor Floral, Inc’s Holiday Mart & Design Showcase.

The event was filled with holiday and Christmas decorations & wares, other vendors, a D.J.,  food tasting, and a bunch of  tablescapes brimming with beautiful flowers paired with china, linens, accessories, and chairs.  It was a great way to spend our Saturday afternoon.

My baby had fun – she said this is what her wedding will look like someday!  She especially loved the pillows on the seats!


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