BizBash 2012: The Grass is Always Greener with AFR

By: Sabrina Mesa

AFR blew us away with their Biz Bash Lounge display this year. They paired up with Archive Rentals and Wisteria Lane Floral Studio to create an amazing garden setting.

The main attraction was the grass couches and chairs.

AFR grass couches

Sit and stay a while and never worry about grass stains. These couches were so comfortable and an absolute delight to look at. They blended with the grass carpeting but were accented with bright pops of color via bright pillows.

AFR lounge

They featured vintage chic elements like this bicycle planter. Who would not like to ride around town in this?

bicycle basket filled with flowers

It is all about balance…

Red charm peonies, red parrot tulips

Got milky glass? Red charm peony and red parrot tulips accent this seating section.

Allium, veronica, dubium, and pods

Floral wise, it was all about using what is looking awesome right now. Coral charm peonies helped pop the coral colored pillows found throughout the lounge. Purple also made an appearance. The picture above is giant allium, veronica, ornithogalum dubium (local crop) and scabiosa pods. The driftwood really completes the look.

One of my favorite elements was this large window pane.

window and hanging vases

How cute is this?

All in all, the lounge was great to visit. It made you smile just looking at all the elements.

Great job AFR!

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