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Bartzella Hybrid Peony


Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

Bartzella is a stunning new hybrid peony that has now enough production to make it a reasonable price for most of us mere mortals. It is a very large, stunning flower and quite rare for an herbaceous peony in that it is a bold brassy yellow. It is in fact what is known as an Intersectional hybrid; a cross between a white peony paeonia lactiflora and a Reath tree peony. It is about 8” in diameter when fully open, gloriously golden, with a thin ring of fiery orange around the corolla. The blooms are slightly fragrant, with petals that unfurl with the fragility of butterfly wings shuddering out of the pupa, diaphanous yet subtly strong.

Many of us in the industry have lusted for yellow tree peonies over the years, only to be rewarded with a scattering of petals piled around the vase the next morning. This peony is a superior performer with flowers lasting several days, and many providing a reasonable week of vase life.

Bartzella is an all American classic first bred by Wisconsin native Roger Anderson in 1982. It was named after the family pastor called Bart, but Roger’s wife added the “zella” to give it a softer sound.

This premium peony was awarded the “Grand Champion” honors in 2002 by the American Peony Society.

It is in season right now, so order immediately or wait until next year!


Bartzella Hybrid Peony Bartzella Hybrid Peony


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