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Live Chat Replay: Kristin Banta


Hopefully, you didn’t miss yesterday’s live chat with Kristin Banta. If you did, do not despair, as we have the replay below for you, along with a list of questions that were covered. She was amazing! Kristin is so easy to talk to, but most importantly she is passionate about what she does and loves to share her wisdom when it comes to branding, event design, color, clients and so much more! My kind of person! Please watch and share with your fellow flower & event friends!




  • How did you start your brand?
  • How has your brand evolved over time?
  • What do you think are the most important parts about developing a consistent brand to reach your target clients? And who is your target client? When filming the Wedding Party you had said that your minimum is $150,000 and you have done as large as $1,000,000…. is this still true today?
  • Can you explain what your initial consultation/planning process is like when you first meet a new client or couple, and how you determine if you want to work with them?
  • How much influence do you have on the event design, and how do you help steer your clients in certain directions so that you can have the creative license to put on the best event possible?
  • In today’s world of Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media outlets, clients & brides often come to the table with a set idea on what they want. How do you push them to be unique and think beyond what might be “on trend” at that point in time?
  • I know you’re not afraid of color, which is so refreshing! Tell us a bit about your process when asked to design around a color or theme?
  • What do you think of this year’s Pantone Color of the Year?
  • How important do you think the color of the year actually is? Do you find it to be accurate and an inspiration in your designs throughout the year?
  • I like your “there is no rules” mantra … what are some of your favorite rules to break?


  • Chris Clark: I’ve heard you speak several times about your philosophy of “narrative” designing. When does the budget conversation happen in that process?
  • Carol Mason of Romp Events: We are receiving so many requests for garlands (along the aisle, on the table tops, etc.) which greenery has a long shelf life to provide us a longer work time before the day of?
  • Marcela Bogado Dhar: Living walls are starting to be a requested for corporate events and weddings. Any suggestions on cost budgeting for us?
  • Regina: Is there a specific software package you suggest for doing presentations and combining pictures?
  • Wireaccents: How did you become an event designer? What is trending at the moment? And what are you forecasting for 2018 trends?
  • Theweddingladyindy: Have you had a client that was not overjoyed with her work? If yes, how do you react to a client not totally overwhelmed?
  • Avalorendesign: What trends have you set that others are following?

Mayesh Minute: Spring Blossom Alternatives

In this edition of the Mayesh Minute, David Dahlson shows off some great alternatives to the spring blossoms that we all love so much! It’s such a short season but not to worry, we have plenty other alternatives to share with you!

Featured product: Aronia aka chokeberry, spiraea, mock orange and viburnum.


Mornings with Mayesh Replay June 2017

Each month, Yvonne and Dave get together for their Mornings with Mayesh show to discuss the world of flowers. From general flower availability and flower care to marketing for your flower business and everything in between, you don’t want to miss this month’s replay! Keep on scrolling down for the show notes that contains all of the quesitons, answers and resources for your reference!

Post your questions or topics for the July’s show in the comments below and don’t forget to save your seat! See you on July 18th at 7 am PST / 10 am EST





  • Big thank you to Billy in our Los Angeles purchasing hub for putting together our flower 411 list posted now on the Mayesh blog.
  • Some items are ending such as, bearded iris, columbine, Hellebores, lilac, blooming jasmine vine and spirea.
  • Some items are very limited like chamomile, cafe dahlias, lupine, mock orange & most protea varieties excluding pincushions.
  • Here are a few locally grown summer blooms available right now, blooming artichokes grown in Arizona, Coral Sunset Peonies (a relative of Coral Charm), Snowmound Spirea. These are all in stock right now but won’t be around for long!
  • For a full list of what’s coming and what’s going, check out our blog.
  • Also, I wanted to mention the product featured in this month’s design video, Southern Smilax, as we have been receiving a bunch of questions about it.
    • It is available year round with the exception of the following months
      • April – spotty availability
      • May and June – absolutely not available
      • July – spotty availability
  • From Adona: Do all Mayesh centers carry a large variety of flowers? I’m in California and I am relatively close to 3 branches but don’t know if one would have more in stock than others…
    • We have an awesome group of individuals in our central purchasing team that finds all the unique flowers and greens that we carry, and we source them from all over the world. Each branch also has it’s own purchasing agent on site to merchandise their location with the things that make the most sense to their client base.  Every branch has the ability to special order just about anything you need so if you aren’t seeing what you want in inventory,  just ask your sales rep to order it for you.
  • From Amanda: is there any way to see pricing on different garlands without having to call in or email?
    • With logistics playing a large role in flower pricing, it is really hard to post these on a national level. Always consult with a sales rep about any pricing questions. If you’re planning on shipping from one of our national shipping hubs, they can give you a landed cost, that is your flower price including the freight to transport it to your destination.
  • Which breed of roses lasts the longest and how can you prolong their life to make your arrangements last longer?
    • Most hybrid tea roses have been genetically modified to eliminate fragrance which in turn extends their lifespan. The more fragrant a flower is, the shorter its lifespan. This is true with all flowers. To get the longest life out of your roses, we have posted a care and handling guide for you on our blog.
  • Raynelle Mcneil: Ordering flowers can be a bit tricky when you need specific color and variety. Where is the best source to select both color hue and variety for ordering flowers?
    • Mayesh has an extensive online flower library to help you select the perfect choices for your event. It’s always nice to have a photo to refer to when talking about color. Another method is to bring in a fabric color swatch, or email your inspiration board to your sales rep.
    • This type of question comes up often and we did a blog post about it a long time ago so long that I can’t find it, but I remember the key point to the article was to use fruits and vegetables, something that is universal and constant to help describe color and to ensure that who you are trying to communicate to understands the color that you are looking for.
  • Heidi: How do you handle quality control of your flowers for events? Is there one person who takes charge of this?
    • Our entire staff is trained in this process. First of all,  your pre-book flower have all been special ordered in fresh, just for your event. We inspect all flowers at the time we receive them looking for blemishes or other problems. Each rep is responsible for quality checking their assembled orders before they are packed. This includes checking that the colors work well together and no items are missing. We never use old product! We condition all of our flowers in a commercial grade low sugar holding solution to start hydrating but not opening the blooms. fragile flowers are individually wrapped and stored in buckets in our cooler until you pick them up or we deliver them to you.



  • Instagram news: just broke over 700 million followers about a month ago with 100 million coming on just within the last 4 months! Much of the growth can be attributed to IG Stories. The 100 million that just came on only knows IG with IG Stories. There are 3 places that marketers need to focus on:
    • the feed
    • IG Live
    • IG Stories – have fun with filters, add personality & style, and sometimes branding.
      • Can add clickable hashtags and location!
      • If you have a public page, your stories are now searchable by hashtags and locations.
      • If you do stories, you can show in who can be suggested based on the activity of your followers.
      • More ways people can find you and bring more people to see your IG page.
      • p.s. if you want more people to follow you double check that your business page is public, not private.
      • There is a new REWIND video feature that you can add to your stories
      • A really cool eraser feature – take a photo, overlays a solid color over the entire photo, tap on the writing tool
  • 1.2 billion use Messenger every month; there are 100,000 active bots;
  • Pinterest
    • Pinterest ads or promoted pins are going to show up if someone clicks on the show me more circle on the pin, you will see promoted pins. You don’t have to do anything, they will show up if your image is visually similar.
      • Be careful with your images. Lifestyle images may convert better, for Pinterest thought it might be better to have a picture of just your product and is very good quality.
    • Pinterest is doing something similar when you click on a Pin and the images that show below that are “more like this” will also include promoted pins.
    • Metrics – you can see metrics on individual pins by click on the graph button – you’ll see total engagement, closeups, click to a website and saves.
  • Google Lens in your camera
    • You can just open up your camera, point it at a business, and Google lens knows the name of the business and will tell you the rating for it and sometimes even purchase items from the business. No need to open up any other app. This is just your camera. Groundbreaking stuff.
  • Google Photos – you can tell what pictures to share with who automatically. If there are pictures of flowers, you can share with co-workers, but photos of your baby you can set up to share with your family member.
  • Facebook
    • You can see the number of saves on your posts (someone can save to read or reference later). And for Facebook ads, you can create an audience based on people who have saved your posts or your page.
    • You can choose 5 featured pictures for your business page soon.


  • From Tanya Costigan Events: I’m new to floral and Mayesh (registered with you after attending the Intrigued Conference) and pricing for my clients is something I need guidance on. How do I figure what pricing to pass along to my clients? (flowers, markup, design, etc.)
    • The industry average is 3 to 3-½ times markup on fresh product with 15-20% labor.  Wedding, corsage, and any handwork is usually a 5 times markup and hardgood costs are usually doubled after your freight has been added.
  • From Courtlynn Noack: I’m new to the industry + pretty young. How long after being in business should I wait to raise my prices?
    • Being competitive with pricing is important but you should set standards that make sense with your own business model. For instance, artists working out of their homes have far less overhead costs and can translate that to savings for their clients but you want to “pay yourself” for all that creative labor involved. Network with other florists and ask what works for them or take some small business management classes or seminars to put things into perspective.
  • From Shelby: I’m familiar with the normal industry standard of marking up product but I’m curious about Labor. For instance, setting a price as a freelance designer. How do you figure out your worth/how much to charge per hour?
    • In most cases, they are going to tell you what they can afford to pay you, but it opens up a dialogue for you to negotiation with them. From years of talking with florists and making recommendations, I can tell you that if they like your work ethic, they are going to pay you well enough to keep you on their roster.
    • Our Miami branch often sources freelance designers for destination events and the branch manger said that the average rate is $25 per hour. I also found a post on Flirty Fleurs and the people who answered the question said usually between $15 and $25.
  • From Hannah Hunt: New to wedding floral business. I have been getting inquiries via my website where the bride asks for prices. Once I suggest a face to face or phone consultation to determine specifics so I can give them a quote, they do not respond. Is this normal? Are price seekers to be expected? How do florists handle this step?
    • Timely response is always key to any inquiry. Most brides are already shopping your competition to find the best value but may commit to the speediest most confident responses.  It’s a double edge sword if you post pricing online. You could put pre-packaged pricing on your website that would appeal to some brides but that could limit your options for larger more interesting events or scare away smaller unique clients.
    • Here’s what our Floral Forum designers had to say that relates to this topic:


  • Katalin Green: Random .. almost off topic… who did Beyoncé flower piece for your baby 👶🏼 shoot?
    • ***This is still Unconfirmed*** Awol Erizku is a multimedia Artist and possibly the photographer & floral set designer.
  • From Carie Youngers: How do you make a graduation podium piece not look like a funeral spray?
    • Stay away from the funeral palm leaves! Try using large tropical leaves like monstera as your base. Create the illusion of size with branches and fill in with fun seasonal flowers.
  • From @tylerawolf – I’m having a hard time knowing what greenery to choose. could you talk about that
    • First, I’d pop into a Mayesh branch and check out the seasonal availability. You can also snoop the internet for creative inspiration. Designing is really about setting yourself apart from the other guy by developing your own brand. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little, there are tons of fascinating ways to create your own style.
    • Don’t be afraid to talk to your rep about your needs. Let them know the look you are going for and they can help steer you in the right direction. If you are a bit like me and don’t really want to have a conversation with someone until you do a little research, then check out our foliages in our Flower Library.
  • From @obcessedwithflowers – How do you make a cost effective flower wall?
    • First, you need to determine if you are going to salvage it after the event or dumpster it. Using a base of moss or branches that can be reused is a good first step. You can spread the initial cost of the fabrication across every subsequent “rental”. Buying bulk from is another way to save money on all of your large purchases.
    • We did a flower wall video with Beth O’Reilly a couple of years ago that used minimal flowers to help with cost.
  • From Raynelle McNeil: What the best technique to do a floral wall with flowers or greenery. Is it water tubes or oasis backing with chicken wire?
    • There are a few ways to do it. Oasis makes a product called floral foam tiles  that are lighter and have shallower dimension to keep weight down. If you are loading your wall with heavier flowers you may want to add chicken wire for added stability. Water tubing is also a great way to fabricate a wall. You can go as crazy as you want and mix various methods as needed.
  • We did a flower wall challenge at our branches around the same time and we used Oasis floral foam tiles and we have pictures and materials that we used to build the wall. Check it out:
    • From Phyllis: I have to make a hand tied hydrangea bouquet, which I have never done. I have heard the flowers don’t hold up well. Any suggestions?
      • It’s true, hydrangeas can be fussy. They don’t like the heat of summer or being out of water for long periods. When selecting your hydrangea, check that the blooms feel firm and slightly leathery to the touch. The mini green variety holds up well, they are cut at a slightly “prematurely” stage and very hardy. Antique varieties also hold up very well and can be dried and still retain much of their color. The key with any flower is to properly hydrate and use the right floral food. Pampered flowers always perform better!
    • From Lynn Cioffi: How do I keep a hydrangea wedding bouquet perfect for the day of the wedding?
      • Keep it in water as long as possible before your install. If you can, re-cut the stems and put the bouquet back in water between photo shoots, ceremony, and reception That will help add some longevity. Always have a few extra stems handy in the event you get a floral malfunction. Some florists will build a “backup” bouquet and switch it out mid-event. You can also use an “eco sponge wrap” from Eco Fresh Bouquet to keep the stems hydrated.
    • From Trista Rose Miller: How do you keep hydrangeas looking fresh in tall centerpiece designs?   I typically have some heads start to fade in flower foam within 18 or so hours, even with proper conditioning, good use of the foam, finishing products (Crowning Glory), etc.  Would water tube picks be a better choice?
      • Yes! Floral foam is great for a lot of uses but it can slow the uptake of water in hydrangeas and they drink a lot of water! You can keep them happy by creating a 1 to 2-inch void under the foam making sure the stems go all the way through to the unobstructed water source.  Water tubing is good short term, but still need frequent refilling.
  • From Rebecca Butler: How do you do the mechanics of flowers on this arch? To secure them?? 
    • This look can be constructed using two Oasis foam cages, wired or taped onto the floral arch. Flowers are inserted to extend from each focal point and wrapped around the armature. Additional blooms are given the illusion of floating by being hung using monofilament fishing line.
  • From Shelby: Dusty Miller in bouquets! More often than not, the product comes in super short. What are some tips and tricks for using in bridal bouquets?
    • We import beautiful long stem dusty miller from South America and it is available pretty much all year round. Ask your local Mayesh branch to special order it in for your next event!
    • Speaking of extra long or extra anything … be sure to talk to your rep about our Mayesh Luxe Blooms – this is the high-end product that we are able to source for you. We can carry some of it in our everyday inventory, but often product needs to be special ordered. You can get more information on our website:


Mayesh Design Star: Smilax & Floral Arbor

In this episode of her Mayesh Design Star series, Christy Hulsey shows us how she dresses arbors using smilax.  Arbors are perfect for wedding ceremonies, event decor and photo backdrops. Smilax is a great greenery to use on large-scale pieces like arbors and chuppahs. Christy gives us tips on keeping it fresh to get the longest life out of it and in some cases reuse it.

For this particular design, Christy used about half a box of Southern Smilax.

Availability: Typically Souther Smilax is available August through March with a slight chance of getting some in April and July.

Videographer: Justin Peay Productions
Photographer: Katrina Barrow Photography
Floral Supplies: Oasis Floral ProductsDesign MasterAccent Decor, Eco Fresh Bouquet

Don’t forget to pin these images to your boards to keep your prospective clients inspired!

smilax arbor for weddings, events, or photo backdropssmilax and floral arbor for wedding, events or photo backdrop smilax and floral arbor for wedding, events or photo backdrop

Live Chat with Kristin Banta

live chat with Kristin Banta

Guys, I’m super excited about our next live chat!! You don’t even know how excited and I will admit, a little nervous! Join me as I chat live with Kristin Banta, the founder and Creative Director of Kristin Banta Events on June 13 at 4 pm EST / 1 pm PST!

If you have ever had questions for those designers you may have seen on TV or those who are behind the luxe events you see in magazines, then this is a must attend and must participate event!

KBE’s work has received many awards and has been featured on the Hallmark Channel, Bravo, Style Network, TNT, SYFY, Food Network, Fox, NBC, and in countless publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, InStyle Weddings, Los Angeles Times, Life & Style, LA Confidential, Frontiers Magazine, The Knot, Inside Weddings, Southern Living, Real Simple Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Brides, and Punk Rock Confidential. I posted a quick profile video for KBE below to get to know our speaker a little bit more.

So, what do you want to know? From branding to event design and everything in between, we want to hear what you want to watch (or if you are like me, listen to). Send us your questions for Kristin and we will try to address as many as possible in an hour!

You can use the comment box below, or send any questions you’d love to hear during our chat to

See you Tuesday June 13th @ 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST



Mornings with Mayesh Replay May 2017

Did you miss our first Mornings with Mayesh show?? If so, I have the replay for you here! I think our first show turned out amazing!! I want to thank everyone who submitted questions and who were able to join us live because, without you, Dave and I would have just been talking to ourselves.

Be sure to save your seat for our June 6th show at 10 am EST / 7 am PST! If you have questions or topics that you would like us to discuss, share them in the comments below.

Here are the topics and questions that were covered along with the links that were mentioned:

  • What is happening in the world of flowers?
  • What is the best way to keep stock from getting gummy?
  • What is the best way to order flowers at the right time so that they peak on event day?
  • Please describe the process to order and receive Mayesh product when I have events out of my local area so that they open perfectly the day of the event.
  • What is the best estimate/contract software for a small florist?
  • What is the best sources for supplies – buckets, vessels, containers, etc.
  • How do other florists mark up their flowers and goods? Also, when incorporating labor, what percentage do most use?
  • What the best method to make a garland? Any hints to ensure it stays together really well? Is is more cost effective to make yourself or order from a company that specializes in garlands?
  • What’s your favorite base to make a flower crown with?
  • For wedding florists, how do you handle clients that want to mix their DIY flowers (fresh or silk) with your designs?  We have an exclusivity “preference” but it can be hard to explain/enforce at times, especially with there being so many  DIY brides in our area of the midwest!  I would love to hear how other professionals handle this situation.
  • What are your favorite corsage and boutonniere flowers? I love using orchids and callas for their durability but they don’t seem to be very popular right now. And roses can fade quite quickly in the heat of summer wedding season.
  • How do you create “hoop” bouquets? I don’t quite know how to keep all of the flowers alive and still get a sturdy end product.
  • Marketing news: Facebook algorithm update, new features for Facebook group admins, Instagram Stories and MikMak, Pinterest’s “more like this” and Lens.

Mark your calendar and we’ll see you on June 6th for our next Mornings with Mayesh!


Mayesh Design Star: Tropical Garden Style Design

Mayesh Design Star: Tropical Garden Style Design

This month, Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers demonstrates the softer side of tropical flowers by incorporating them into her signature garden style design. The video begins by Christy showing you a completed compote design and then uses the same color scheme and flowers designed in a woodland planter.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, to be beautiful. Happy designing!

White clooney ranunculus
Burgunday Ranunculus
Light pink ranunculus
Sea Star Fern
Ti Leaves Stock – ti tops
Brown Cymbidium Orchids
White Mini Cymbidium Orchids
White Hellebores
Anthuriums – choco, terra, pistache, white
Charity Garden Roses
Green eryngium – Sirius questar
White Hyacinths
Blush Tulips standard
Quicksand Roses
Ornithogalum Star of Bethlehem
Ornithogalum arabicum
Lotus Pods
Burgundy dahlia
Black knight scabiosa
Icelandic poppy – white

Oasis Floral Products: Florist Netting
Design Master: Petal Proofer, Fresh Flower Sealant
Accent Decor: gold compote, woodland planter

Videographer: Justin Peay Productions
Photographer: Katrina Barrow Photography


Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop Tour Video & Pictures

Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop in Los Angeles
Come join us at a Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop featuring Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers! We have 2 stops in the bag and will be hitting 7 more cities throughout this next year!

I can’t even tell you how incredibly excited I am to be able to share with you the stunning pictures and video from Jeremy Chou Photography and Talewind Visuals. The media below tells the story of Mayesh’s inaugural workshop, which was held in Los Angeles at FD Photo Studio, where it all started.

Keep on scrolling down to view the magic created by our LA Mayesh Design Star team!

A special thank you to our workshop sponsors below – please be sure to visit their website and check out what they have to offer!
Accent Decor
Oasis Floral Products
Design Master
Cameron Hughes Wine

Videography: Talewind Visuals
Photography: Jeremy Chou Photography
Styling: Tristan Needham Design

Get more information and RSVP for a workshop near you here.


Setting Up

Maybe you feel like this when working on wedding flowers, but the planning and styling of the workshop was half the fun of having a workshop! Seeing all of the little details coming together was pure magic. The students had access to some of the best Japanese, Dutch and local floral product in the industry for their arrangements, and the end product just couldn’t have been more dreamy.

Part of the planning was putting together a special thank you gift. The students were treated to a private selection of Cameron Hughes wine, and a beautifully styled gift box by Salt and Pepper Co., full of items from: Sugar Paper, HomArt, Cameron Hughes, TOCCA, and Accent Decor.

Workshop Action

Christy instructed the students on how to create their Oasis Floral florist netting structure to insert into their Accent Decor vessel. Once the vessels were prepped and ready to go, Christy shared how to utilize branches, where to place vines a.k.a. “dancers”, what to do with large “real estate” blooms, how she utilizes her Design Master color tools, where to put unexpected pops of foraged blooms, and many other invaluable techniques that she has picked up over the course of her career. Also, the students were given a few tips and tricks on utilizing Mayesh’s beautiful garland as either a swag, or a bride and groom chair backer.

The End Results

After the students were finished, they headed over to the photography station where they had their arrangement photographed on a fully styled table to use in their professional portfolio. Then, Jeremy Chou and Tristan Needham both gave a tutorial on photography and styling – how to always put your best foot forward with your images, and what tools have been most helpful to them in elevating their brands.

Mayesh Design Star: Spring Door Wreath

Mayesh Design Star: Door Wreath

In the March edition of the Mayesh Design Star series for 2017, Christy Hulsey shows us how to make a monochromatic spring door dressing using a custom pre-made wreath.

Mayesh offers customizable pre-made wreaths as well as pre-made garlands. You call out the size and product and we can ship it to your door or have it available for pick up at your local Mayesh branch.

Featured product: custom pre-made wreath, snow berries, white Japanese sweetpeas, feverfew, Tillandsia air plant and a custom garland.

Materials used: water tubes, wire, Design Master spray in Olive Bright.

Videographer: Justin Peay Productions
Photographer: The Happy Bloom

Mayesh Design Star: Spring Door Wreath Flowers-2 Flowers-3 Flowers-18

Video Chat: Streamline Your Proposal Process

live video: streamline your proposal process

Yesterday’s live video chat with Cristina Barragan of Posh Peony was really great and full of amazing content! If you missed it, be sure to set some time aside to learn how to cut your client management time in half through the use of templates and automation features using systems like HoneyBook by watching the replay below. Cristina walks you through her streamlined process from lead capture to completion – letting you in on her many tips & tricks that she has accumulated over the years! You will learn how to save time, create beautiful proposals that convert, and maintain an elevated client experience from the get-go! Setting up your systems will take some investment, especially of your time, but I think you will find it truly worth your while.


If you are interested in learning more about the available apps for florists that are mentioned during our chat – HoneyBook, StemCounter, Details & more – check out our comparison blog post here.


Don’t forget to take advantage of Cristina’s FREE Nurture Email Series Templates by texting using the information below and save 20% off your HoneyBook membership by visiting

TO: 44222


A few other resources were mentioned during the chat and you will find the links to those below.



Design graphics – for freebies and more:

CRM & amazing marketing/sales blog:


I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you plan on improving your process or what steps that you have taken already that has worked for you in the comments below!


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