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American Flowers Week 2018


We’re thrilled to be a part of American Flowers Week once again, and can’t believe it’s just a week away! As a 2018 sponsor, we wanted to share some fun resources with you!





Click here for this awesome coloring page, along with coloring pages of the individual states!



Click here for more gorgeous American Flower Fashion images that you can share!


Designed by Jenny M. Diaz



When sharing American Flowers Week images, please use @myslowflowers and the #americanflowersweek hashtag and take note of the corresponding flower farmer and floral designer to tag them, as well!



To find out other ways to participate, head on over to the American Flowers Week website!


AIFD Symposium 2016: Three Points of View

AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
Photo credit: AIFD


Guest Blogger: Jenn McJunkins


Feat: Gerry Gregg AIFD, CFD; Greg Lum AIFD, CFD; Jeremy Trentleman AIFD, CFD


What do you get when three very different designers collaborate on a floral design program? Three very different points of view! Gerry Gregg, Greg Lum and Jeremy Trentleman brought their own style to the table for this program focusing on symmetry, natural forms and cultural tradition.

During Gerry’s segment, he showed us designs that were inspired by things found in nature, starting with Green man. This is a whole new take on wearable floral fashions.
AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
His second design was his floral interpretation of wind.
AIFD Symposium Three Points of View

And for his final piece, he designed a grotto turned snowdrift.


AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
Greg Lum pulled inspiration from his culture and his roots. His first piece was inspired by a Chinese New Year lantern.
AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
His second design was an ode to the Moon Festival, which is the celebration of togetherness.
AIFD Symposium Three Points of View AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
The last design was hanging arrangements that accompanied beautiful sheets of Chinese calligraphy.
AIFD Symposium Three Points of View AIFD Symposium Three Points of View
Jeremy Trentleman was all about visual balance. He showed us three kinds of symmetry starting with axial symmetry, which is when an object, in this case a floral design, looks the same all around when rotated. Biaxial symmetry is when an object looks the same when split down their axis, both horizontal and vertical. Asymmetrical balance is the exact opposite of biaxial symmetry. It is when two halves of an object are not at all symmetrical, which I think adds more interest in a design. In his segment, Jeremy had many interactive, moving parts, and I unfortunately wasn’t able to get photos during the show! He set up different pieces of each design in the gallery afterwards, so when looking at these photos, try to imagine an intricate set with many moving parts.

AIFD Symposium Three Points of View AIFD Symposium Three Points of View

AIFD Symposium Three Points of View


The program was closed by a very touching dedication from Gerry Gregg. A simple design that had the purpose of being adorned with stories of cancer survivors, people currently battling cancer and stories of those whose loved ones are battling cancer. It was a very powerful and moving way to close a show.

AIFD Symposium Three Points of View

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Valentine’s Day 2016: Behind-the-Scenes

Countdown to Valentine's Day - Mayesh Miami
Just 1 day left until Valentine’s Day!  You have seen Valentine’s Day from our coolers (Portland & Miami), as well as pictures from the farms, but what about when they land in Miami? We want to show you what happens when your wholesale roses arrive, then unloaded from the planes, which are then moved into holding coolers and ran through inspections. Definitely a different perspective and another dimension to the blooms that we work with each and every day.

Check out this Valentine’s Day behind-the-scenes video, which our very own Peter Sessler (Director of Rose Purchasing) makes an appearance on NBC 6’s news report yesterday!

“It’s estimated that 90-percent of the fresh flowers that are imported into the United States come through Miami International Airport. NBC 6’s Michael Spears reports from the airport.”

We love giving you a peak behind the curtain, so Peter shot a few more short videos while at the airport for the interview.

This next video is of flowers shipped from South America via UPS being unloaded off of the airplane at the MIA airport:

Next, the wholesale flowers are moved to the airport’s holding coolers:

And finally, if you speak Spanish, check out this video with Peter and Maria Forero, of our Mayesh Miami sales team:


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Interview with Mayesh Design Star Shawn Michael Foley

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview


Last month, you got to know Mayesh Design Star Jerome Raska, and this month, we’d love to introduce you to our second Design Star, Shawn Michael Foley! His first video was posted earlier this week and has been a huge hit – if you haven’t seen it yet, but sure to check it out here!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are, so our followers can get to know one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars a little bit better!

I’m a Wisconsin born floral designer, mentor and friend-tor living in Birmingham, AL.  I’m one of the lead wedding designers of HotHouse Design Studio.

My passion for creative expression and curiosity has fueled my drive in the floral industry. I am best known for my “Human Form Project.” An annually themed floral art/fashion series showcasing a fusion of beauty, blooms, and body.

I have been honored to have been published in several European magazines including Flowers World and Blomter.

My heart lies in education and I strive to push the art of flowers to sharp new places.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by BC Photography

How did you end up in the flower industry? Was it intentional, or did it just “kind of happen”, as many people in the business claim?

I fell into this industry quite by accident. I simply answered a want ad for a floral designer with absolutely no experience. They told me the hired me solely because of my personality, which is good considering I didn’t have a CLUE as to what I was getting into! After only a few months I started to fall in love with flowers and the industry as a whole and I haven’t looked back since.

How would you describe your design style?  What trends do you see happening in flowers right now?

I would say my style has a European tone to it.  I love to incorporate botanicals that aren’t just blooms and flowers.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by The McCartney’s Photography


Currently with Trends, in my market you are definitely seeing a split in styles. If it’s garden and gathered you are seeing a ton of greenery, they love it they want it can’t get enough of it.

OR!  They want super clean, classic, larger blooms like garden roses, peony, dahlias etc and little to NO foliage at all.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by The McCartney’s Photography


Favorite flower? 

My favorite flower really changes a lot.  I love so many of them for their different personalities. If I had to choose just one I am a huge sucker for a chocolate/black Dahlia. Sentimentally though, my favorite flower is the chrysanthemum.  I remember picking them for my grandma and grandpa before school when I was young. Their fragrance still reminds me of them to this day.


How do you hope to inspire your audience as one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars?

I want to bring Mayesh viewers a sense of fun and show them some fun tricks that are simple to pull off but look complex once finished. We all need to remember that we LOVE flowers and we can’t let the day in and day out aspect of the business let us forget that. Flowers are beautiful, fun and exciting! Let’s dive in together and create amazing floral things!


And as a follow-up, what do you want them to take away from your videos?

That one new trick that helps you land that client.  That one new idea that refreshes your imagination… and that one spark that refuels your passion for flowers!


Lastly, what is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during the first year of designing? 

It’s not a race, enjoy the journey.  Also, weird/funky does not equal good, self-editing is the key to success.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photos by BC Photography

Field to Vase Dinner in Portland Recap


Have you ever wanted to have dinner at a flower farm? The Field to Vase dinner tour gave many that very opportunity in 10 different cities serving up local flowers and fare. Mayesh was a sponsor for the Carpinteria, Carlsbad, and Portland dinners along with with the upcoming final date in Detroit (complimenting The Flower House installation happening during the same week)!

Amy Gebhardt, our Portland branch manager, attended and said that “it was cool to bring together customers, wholesalers, vendors, growers and end users all at the same table.  Sitting next to someone you do not know and striking up a conversation about how you came to be at the dinner was great.”

Take a peak at the pictures Amy took at the dinner and stay tuned for a post on the dinner tour finale in Detroit. Tickets for the dinner are unfortunately sold out, but you can still get tickets for The Flower House, which is going to be amazing!


Interview: Victoria with Flora Pop

Flora Pop Takeover

Photo by @hellogabyj


If you follow us on Instagram, you probably saw our takeover this week with @florapopshop! If you loved what you saw, then keep reading below to find out more about these pop-up weddings from the lady behind Flora Pop, Victoria!
So to start off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the concept and background of FloraPop. What exactly do you do?

Flora Pop started on my bicycle in NYC. I was inspired by the street vendors & mobility of the artists that I would see daily. So I decided to try it out on my own. I would sit outside the courthouses in both Brooklyn & Manhattan & sell unique & beautiful bouquets that you wouldn’t be able to get inside.


What was the inspiration behind these pop-up weddings, and how did you end up here?

I moved back to Las Vegas & really decided to just go for it with Flora Pop. I take care of gardens for restaurants & commercial properties. I do weekly flowers for bars as well. But one day it hit me. I could really do it all, not just floral for weddings, but the whole shebang! I had been thinking about a brick & mortar but it never felt quite right, given the traveling nature of my spirit. I knew I wouldn’t want to be tied down. So, pop-up elopements were born & what better place to do them than Las Vegas! Flowers, officiating, the Teardrop, all of it!


Tell us a little bit about the Teardrop! It’s quite adorable 😉

Thank you! I built the Teardrop by hand & it’s modeled after a 1950’s Kenskill trailer. There are vintage pieces, like the wheels & hubcaps, but it’s all one-of-a kind & made by me. It was initially supposed to be my roadside flower stand, but with the heat in the summers here, that didn’t quite make sense. There’s also a full-sized bed in the cabin. It makes for fun adventures, especially when I’m officiating away from home.



Flora Pop Takeover

Photo by @hellogabyj


How would you describe your floral design style?

I love allowing the florals to work for themselves. Very organic & different every single time. There’s no formula to what I make.


Flora Pop Takeover

Flora Pop Takeover

Photos by @hellogabyj


Okay, I won’t ask what your all time favorite flower is, because that’s a really hard question! Instead, which varieties are you really excited about this season or upcoming seasons?

I am always drawn to the quirkier flowers, dark purples & bright minty greens. I don’t like using conventional flora, so I always strive to use something eye-catching & different.


Flora Pop Takeover

Flora Pop Takeover

Photos by @ashley_m_myers


How in depth do you go with flowers in these pop-up weddings? Do you have a basic “set” you offer, like a bouquet for the bride, an arrangement for the alter, etc., or is it always different depending on the couple?

I always give the couple flowers for their wedding, with special attention to the bridal bouquet, but I have had more elaborate floral as well! Lots of plants, cacti, flowers all around the teardrop & even a floral garland for the back of a vintage car!


Flora Pop Takeover

Photo by @hellogabyj


What are your favorite types of clients to work with? I would imagine anyone wanting to do a pop-up wedding would be pretty interesting and spontaneous!

I really attract like-minded people. I have made friends from all over the world doing this! I like to think I get couples that are open-minded & their wedding is truly about them & the love that they share. Not what their families want for them.


Flora Pop Takeover

Photo by @hellogabyj


You must have some crazy stories or weddings that you’ve been a part of… Any come to mind?

Nothing super crazy! Not yet, anyway. I get very sincere, creative folk, that are here to celebrate the beauty of the desert & the beauty of the love they share within.


Let’s talk tools. Favorite florist tool, and favorite social media app for marketing yourself?

I love these scissors called Flart! Yep, Flart!


Last but not least, what is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself while you were starting out as a floral designer?

I would tell myself to not be afraid & would have jumped into this sooner. Starting a new business is scary, but if you put everything into it, you’ll succeed! No matter what!

AIFD Symposium 2015: Plants with Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD

AIFD Symposium 2015: Plants with Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD


Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware that plants are in. Everyone wants the newest, coolest succulents, and people are filling their homes and gardens with all sorts of plant varieties. Well, Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD, ofStems Florist, is also aware of this phenomenon, and has taken a special interest in designing with plants. She believes, however, that designing with plants has become a bit monotonous, and hoped to inspire us with her designs to “open our minds to designing with plants” in a unique way. She also let us in on her little theory about the direction things are going… “something that is more sculpture, something that is more art… I think that’s where the world of plants is going.” I happen to be a believer of this sentiment as well, and was inspired by her belief that we need to design with more purpose, and not just use plants and greenery as fill-in and a way to finish off an arrangement.

Jenny’s first design was inspired by the traditional Japanese art form calledkokedama, which basically involves the use of moss as the container for a plant. She took this to the next level, however, and evolved this idea into a living wall sculpture, which she deemed the Moss Ball Wall. Using a combination of chicken wire and hog rings, she built the lightweight structure and from there attached all of the moss, flowers, and plants. Living walls are such a fresh, current take on sculpture, and reminded me of Beth’s flower wall! These living walls can be used in a number of settings, including a corporate setting, hotels, weddings, and more. So fun!

For her next design, Jenny scaled things down a bit and showed us her take on container gardening. According to Jenny, “copper is the next metal is coming,” and was sure to use it in this design! She used UCI’s copper patina containers and a minimum amount of product to create this beautiful display. Through the use of bamboo, she created vertical lines and repetition, two very important components of floral design. She then terraced small wooden disks wrapped in a way that gave it depth and intrigue, as well as carried on the repetition of elements. This display showed us just how easy it is to create a visually stunning and interesting piece, without needing an excessive amount of living product.

Her third (and my personal favorite!) design showcased her take on terrariums. Terrariums are a huge trend today, especially for my generation. Since half the people my age live in small apartments, terrariums are the perfect way to bring plants inside, without taking up too much space. Jenny loves them as well, but wanted to do something that is so trendy and popular in a more unique way. She used pod vases to house these mini gardens, creating a terracing garden effect with multiple vases and tables at varying heights. Within each “pod,” she worked with layers of sand and moss to create rolling hill landscapes and mimic the contours and lines of nature. Such simple ways to elevate a popular trend in plants! I will definitely be exploring these ideas in my own small apartment terrariums!

Last but not least, Jenny revealed her grand finale, which had made the thirteen hour drive with her from St. Louis in the back of her trailer. The strange looks she received on the drive were worth it, because Jenny’s driftwood tree was spectacular! She spent years collecting driftwood from a number of rivers around St. Louis, including the Mississippi, to create this beautiful tree. The rebar structure stood on an oversized pallet on casters, and the tree basically held itself together with layers upon layers of driftwood. Spanish moss and yellow vanda orchids made up most of the canopy, and she even designed her own mechanic, “the claw,” to attach the orchids to the tree and give them the ability to stand straight like they would in Mother Nature.  This driftwood tree was definitely her pride and joy, and an awesome finale to a great show.

Thanks for all the fabulous inspiration, Jenny, we can’t wait to see what happens in the world of plants!



Photos by Molly Baldwin

#Mayeshgram: Week 10 Winner

#Mayeshgram Winner

Our Week 10 #Mayeshgram winner is certainly getting us in the mood for summer, which officially begins in less than two weeks! @rachelosguthorpe’s bright pops of color with peonies, ranunculus, dahlias and succulents are the perfect combination to brighten up a breezy, summer beach wedding!

Rachel, please use our Contact Us page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!

@rachelosguthorpe of Salt Lake City, Utah

“a sea of beautiful arrangements #fratilawedding #beachwedding#californiawedding #succulents #peonies #ranunculus #dahlias”

Gearing Up for Memorial Day Flowers 2015

Memorial Day Flowers

Under the #MayeshGivesBack initiative, it is important that Mayesh doesn’t just sell flowers, but that we take the extra step for our community as well. This is where Memorial Day Flowers comes in. For the third year in a row, Mayesh has teamed up with the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation to celebrate the men and women who have served our country and are no longer with us by donating over 5,000 roses nationwide.  To get thousands of flowers to 23 customers across the country, it takes many special partners.  Our efforts could not be possible without Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, Greeenrose & Agronatura (amazing & generous rose growers), UPS, and our customers.

Our customers will be handing out the roses at local cemeteries, Memorial Day events, parades and more.  Be sure to check back soon, as we will post some of the wonderful stories that will surely happen because of this movement.

Memorial Day Flowers Foundation’s mission has a reach much greater than the work accomplished with Mayesh.  In fact, the foundation’s centerpiece is their efforts at Arlington National Cemetery, where over 120,000 roses will be distributed to be placed on headstones.  In addition, the foundation works with wholesalers similar to Mayesh and other organizations – that is another approximately 35,000 roses to help honor our fallen soldiers!  For more information on the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, you can visit

What are your Memorial Day holiday plans?


Memorial Day Flowers 2015

Memorial Day Flowers 2015

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