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Attention all Arizona florists!  Mayesh is helping to pass along information about a special program set up for you to promote Women’s Day.  Please read the letter below from Brad Denham, of Arizona Family Florist.  If you are interested there is a link below is sign up for marketing materials, and you will need to sign up ASAP as the holiday is just around the corner.  Thanks!


Dear Arizona Florists,

My name is Brad Denham and my wife and I own Arizona Family Florist in Phoenix Arizona. We are reaching out to Arizona florists and Arizona floral wholesalers on behalf of the CalFlowers (California Association of Flower Growers and Shippers) and Asocolflores (The Association of Colombian Flower Exporters).

Many of you are aware that Women’s Day is March 8th and we have the unique opportunity to come together and promote a campaign in Arizona to raise awareness of Women’s Day. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of Women’s Day as well as provide an opportunity and platform for people to show Love, Honor and Respect for the special women in their life. Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Arizona women.

The campaign is being funded on behalf of Asocolflores and CalFlowers with additional contributions from Bloomnet and FTD. To be clear all of these companies supporting the campaign are not doing this for self serving purposes. They are doing it to support the local Arizona floral community in an effort to raise awareness for Women’s Day. This is a groundbreaking effort that these companies have come together to jointly support an initiative that could directly benefit the local floral community. In addition we will be supporting the Phoenix Dream Center a 501 C3 Org and raising money for their Hope Wing and Young Women’s Crisis Programs. You can read more at

The sponsors have invested in a comprehensive media campaign that will raise awareness for Arizona women. In addition, they are investing in a multifaceted approach to get the word out to consumers who want to recognize the special women in their life. My role is to simply facilitate the program on behalf of the sponsors in order to make the promotion more streamlined.

What is the campaign?
The campaign is titled: Love, Honor, and Respect.

We have been building an electronic platform (website) for the public to express their Love, Honor and Respect for the special women in their life. The website will be live on Monday February 23rd and will enable consumers to post stories of love, honor and respect and by doing so the person will be nominated for a chance to win free flowers compliments of local Arizona florists. These flowers will be donated from the associations and sponsors so this will require no out of pocket expense by the local florist. Once the consumer posts a story of love, honor or respect it will be automatically shared on the website as well as the campaign facebook and twitter page.

While the consumers are on the website they will have the ability to buy flower by linking directly to a local florist who supports the Women’s Day Az campaign. In addition, there will be a local florist directory on the website that features florists who opt-in to participate in the promotion.

Media Support
We have negotiated a media schedule with FOX 10 and My45 as well as other media outlets both print and digital. The electronic campaign starts Friday February 27th and will run through Women’s Day Sunday March 8th.

The estimated number media of impressions far exceed 1 million for the week. In addition, we will be sending out a series of print and digital press releases to create a media buzz and in hopes to create more excitement around the holiday.

Print Collateral
We have developed print collateral and material that is available at no charge to all the florists who elect to participate in the Women’s Day Arizona campaign. As mentioned, there is no charge for the printed material and we will facilitate distribution of material to your shop through your local wholesaler, pick-up at our location or directly by our efforts should your local wholesaler not be participating. The collateral is designed to drive traffic to the Women’s Day Az website to encourage sharing of stories.

The collateral includes: (Copies Included below)

  • 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 Delivery cards or handout cards
  • 24” x 36” Posters
  • 3’ x 8’ Vinyl Outdoor Banner

Social Media Campaign
In addition to website and print collateral we have a robust social media campaign that is designed to raise awareness and drive traffic to the website. In fact, we have only had the social campaigns live for 1 week and have already acquired almost 4,000 twitter followers and over 1,300 facebook fans! We encourage you to like and follow the pages:

Women’s Day Arizona Social Links:

Social Media Bonus!!!
We want to encourage your shop to promote Women’s Day Arizona on your facebook page and in fact we have worked out a co-op advertising reimbursement program for a promoted social media post. We have agreed to reimburse up to a total $50 per florists for facebook promoted posts related to Women’s Day Az provided that the posts include one of the following:
 -Promoted posts must include hash tag #WomensDayAz
 -Link to the website
 -Or links to either Women’s Day Az social page on facebook and twitter (links above)

Possible added bonus!
We are working with farms and suppliers to leverage a shipment of free flowers to be distributed to the florists who participate in the Women’s Day program. This product will be used for promotional purposes only to create awareness of Women’s Day Az.
Note: FREE product cannot be used for purposes of sales or to fill regular orders. The Free product if received must be used for promotional purposes only. We do not want to negatively impact the floral wholesalers and suppliers who have so graciously supported the initiative. This means we should not use free product to replace product we would normally purchase.

Why is this not guaranteed?
As of now we are working out the logistics of getting product commitments and getting the product donated to the florists. Due to the short notice this may not be logistically possible to receive the product and facilitate distribution in time for the holiday.
What’s the catch? Why does this sound too good to be true?
There is one catch…after the program is over we will send out an anonymous survey to the florists who participate asking for you to share your % of sales increase or decrease for the Women’s Day holiday. Why is this important? This is relevant to show the sponsors whether their investment can raise awareness and indirectly increase flower sales. This will help determine the sponsorship of a larger program for 2016.

What’s next? What do you have to do to register?
1. First say yes I want to support the Women’s Day Az efforts!
2. Second go to and enter your shop information to sign up
3. Indicate whether you want Free print collateral and to participate in the social media reimbursement
4. Most important please indicate your preferred local wholesaler (to be used for dist. Of marketing material)
5. Last once you register for the campaign we will send out more details, tips and ideas to promote Women’s Day Az

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.
Brad Denham – Arizona Family Florist
2050 South 16th Street Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034
Cell – 602-628-9066

Thank you again on behalf of CalFlowers and Asocolflores
Women’s Day Arizona funding was made possible by:

Women's Day
Below you will find samples of the print collateral, facebook posts and suggested promotional ideas

Sample Print Collateral

Women's Day
Women's Day

Women's Day

Sample Facebook posts

Women’s Day is March 8. Do you know an amazing woman — mom, sister, daughter, friend, spouse, co-worker — who deserves to be celebrated? Of course you do! Love, honor and respect translate so beautifully with flowers. #WomensDayAz

Women's Day

Honor your Wonderful Wife on Women’s Day March 8th. Note your wife’s favorite flowers – the varieties at your wedding, flowers you sent her when you first started dating or the ones she buys for herself. What is her favorite color? Those flowers will have great meaning and impact. #WomensDayAz

Women's Day

Recognize Professional Connections on Women’s Day March 8th. Giving flowers to clients and employees is a sophisticated way to recognize workplace accomplishments, and a thoughtful way of saying “I appreciate all you do” to teachers and childcare professionals. #WomensDayAz


Women's Day

Tell the world how much you Love her this Women’s Day March 8th. Share your love story and be entered to win Free flowers on behalf of local Arizona florists. Go to and share the love today! WomensDayAz

Women's Day

Promotional Ideas
1. Capture orders early. When customers place an order, tell them about Women’s Day and ask if they would like to order flowers for Women’s Day, too. Consider offering a special for customers ordering when placing a second orders for Women’s Day at the same time.
2. Use Colorful handouts. Help get the word out with the Women’s Day Az post cards and posters. Place the cards on orders leaving the shop. Have drivers leave the orders at business deliveries and tack them to bulletin boards at gyms and beauty salons or keep a stack by your cash register.
3. Partnerships. If you have promotional partnerships with spas, movie theaters, nail salons, inns or restaurants for Valentine’s Day, talk to them about working together on a similar campaign for Women’s Day.
4. Local hero contest. Hold a contest to honor a local hero. Ask followers to reveal their hero on your Facebook Wall, or partner with a local school to hold an essay contest. The winner receives an arrangement to give their hero. Consider honoring the hero at your shop with an open house – invite customers to attend.
5. Name a bouquet. Host a contest to design and a name a bouquet after a hero in the community. Have people enter in your shop or online by nominating the woman they admire most. People can go online to see nominees. Get the entire community involved in voting.
6. Shop Event. Host a special Girls’ Night Out in honor or Women’s Day, where friends can celebrate each other and all that they do for their families, friends and in the community. Make it a design workshop where friends swap names and design an arrangement for their friend.
7. Update your voicemail. Use your voicemail and on-hold messages to tell callers about Women’s Day.
8. Update your website. Display Women’s Day Az web banners on your site and blog.
9. Follow online. Stay connected to Women’s Day Arizona by liking” and following
10. Join the club. Reach out to women’s organizations. Ask how they are celebrating Women’s Day and let them know you can help make their observance special. Organizations to contact include:
 Church Groups
 Red Hat Societies
 Garden Clubs
 Girl Scouts
 Golf and Tennis Clubs
 Junior Leagues
 Sororities
 Professional women’s groups
 Various charitable organizations led by women
 PTAs/female teachers
 Women CEOs and business leaders
 Local Chambers with women presidents
 Women in government, mayors, city council
 Local chapters of American Association of University Women
 Popular mommy, lifestyle and other women bloggers

Join the Women’s Day Az campaign today and look for more exciting ideas to come!

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