#alitheflorist: Boutonniere & Corsage Workshop

#alitheflorist Boutonniere and Corsage Workshop


Happy Monday, flower friends! I told you I’d be back with more fun #alitheflorist happenings! A few weeks ago I gave you a recap of my experience attending an Ariella Chezar demonstration & talk, and today I have a short but sweet recap about a workshop I took the following day. I’ve been keeping busy!

As is the case for many floral designers, after posting pictures of some of the workshops I’ve attended, bride-to-be friends have begun reaching out to me to do their wedding flowers. I’m trying not to bite off more than I can chew, so I’ve found some good compromises with them that will allow me to be a part of their special day, and let me start getting my feet wet rather than attempting a swan dive that ends up a painful belly flop. Not pretty.

Case in point, this coming October I’ll be doing all of the personals (bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages) for a college friend of mine. While I’m still perfecting the perfect whimsical, garden inspired, hand-tied bouquet without my hand completely cramping up, I realized I had no experience in the mechanics of boutonnieres & corsages! While perusing the menu of a local bakery/restaurant/flower shop, The London Plane (home to that avocado toast mentioned in previous post) I stumbled across their workshops, and low and behold, they had one specifically for boutonnieres and corsages coming up about a month later! No brainer.

Fast forward three weeks, and I’m sitting in their gorgeous event space, just around the corner from the restaurant and flower shop. As someone who studied interior architecture in college & almost made that her career, I am a big believer in the built environment and draw so much inspiration and creative energy from it. A space as light and airy and beautiful as this is what I’d consider my ‘happy place,’ so I was already in a good mood before the workshop even began!


#alitheflorist Boutonniere and Corsage WorkshopWasn’t kidding. Can I live here please?


We were a small group of about seven or eight women, ranging from wedding planners who wanted some floral experience (emergencies happen!) to church wedding designers, to industry newcomers like myself. After helping ourselves to an amazing charcuterie spread (because how can you even think straight without a plate full of local meats & cheeses?) designers Jeni Nelson & Brita Fisher demonstrated the way they construct their bouts & corsages. I haven’t worked much with wire, so it was helpful to see some of its uses, like helping to stabilize fragile flowers.


#alitheflorist Boutonniere and Corsage Workshop


And then, with a trusty glass of rosé by my side, we were set loose! I tried to think of them as basically creating tiny, adorable one-sided bouquets. The search for the perfect “background” leaf (I know there is a better name for that!) took longer than I’d like to admit, but once I had my base, it was so much fun choosing little bits and berries to accent the focal flower. We tied up the pretty little things with some gorgeous ribbon, and violá, my first little boutonniere and corsage were complete! I can’ wait to continue practicing and get to the point where I can whip these babies up in no time at all. Practice makes perfect, am I right?


#alitheflorist Boutonniere and Corsage Workshop
#alitheflorist Boutonniere and Corsage Workshop
Finished products – hey, at least my dog approves… (Model: Crosby)

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