AIFD2012: Tea Luncheon Flowers

My personal favorite video that we captured at AIFD’s National Symposium is from the time we spent behind-the-scenes in the design room with Ron Mulray, AIFD.  He was so gracious to spend time with us in the midst of working with the design team to complete the flowers for the “Afternoon Tea With Friends” luncheon.

In this video, you’ll see silver, china, and glass tiered centerpieces displaying wholesale California grown garden flowers.  The tiered pieces are all custom made and unique.  In addition, learn about the box centerpieces created from old pallets/skids and check out the petit fours, candied fruits, cupcakes, and desserts.  Ron reviews all of the major components and gives some insight on how all of it is put together.

Ready to be inspired?  Watch now!


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