AIFD2012: Lee Gallison AIFD

As I’ve said many times before, one of the highlights for me when attending industry events is being able to meet our Mayesh friends that I “see” online each week – whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  I meet many on the web and Lee Gallison AIFD is one such person.  During the 2012 AIFD National Symposium, Jodi Duncan introduced me to Lee and it was great to finally meet the person behind the profile picture, so to speak.

When I was finally able to get her in front of our camera I was expecting to chat about floral trends, but instead Lee said she had a different subject in mind.  Below is a short video of Lee describing her experience with Mayesh.  Specifically, she shares with us how Lisa Rosenfeld, of our Los Angeles Market branch, helped her prepare for her AIFD test by creating surprise flower packages for Lee.

A special shout out to Lee and Lisa!  Lee, for sharing her great story with us (and in front of a video camera) and Lisa for going above & beyond!


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