Are you new to Mayesh? With 17 local branches and extensive shipping capabilities, we are your go-to source for wholesale flowers all across the country. Read below to learn more about ways to purchase, our product lines, and other resources that are available to you. If you are interested in becoming a Mayesh customer, be sure to click the "Register Today" button below today.




  • Locations - shop at any of our 17 local sales floors. 
  • Shipping - unfortunately, Mayesh is not in every city, but we can ship to you.
  • Online Shopping - if shopping anytime, anywhere is what you want, be sure to visit MayeshMarket.

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If what you are looking for is a fresh cut product and it is available, then we can source it.  From exotic flowers to basic greens, we are the only wholesale flower source you need.

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The floral event business is very individualistic.  At Mayesh Wholesale Florist we have developed a number of different purchasing options to accommodate the different needs and preferences of our customers - local branches, shipping, and online ordering. 

The Mayesh Wholesale shipping department and local sales branches provide the highest level of service, quality, and product selection to extraordinary retail and wholesale flower businesses. Our floral sales professionals knowledge ranges from seasonal availability, to flower trends, to price, to what currently looks good on the sales floor. These professionals exist to simplify the flower purchasing aspect of your business by giving you personal attention, making recommendations, and helping with substitutions to fit your budget. If you want the best flowers for your business, geared toward your needs, then contact one of our floral sales professionals today.


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We have 17 brick and mortar locations nationwide. These locations carry an open inventory, maintain regular business hours and are staffed by experienced floral personnel. You can place wholesale flower orders in person, over the phone, via fax or email.  Orders can be picked up or delivered.  Click for a list of our locations here.

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Our shipping department services floral professionals who are not in proximity to one of our physical locations but desire access to a wide variety of top quality floral product. Our shipping department also provides traveling florists and event planners with exquisite flowers delivered to their venue from a known and trusted source. We have shipping sales teams on both the East and West coasts, our goal is to simplify the flower purchasing aspect for your events and every day work.

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You can shop at your convenience 24/7.  Wholesale flower orders can be placed for box lots.  In box lots you are offered flower varieties in a specified quantity.  Orders are placed for next day shipping up to 4 days out. Different shipping options are available for our online wholesale flowers. 



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Our specialty at Mayesh is fresh, high-quality wholesale cut flowers. From orchids originating in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam to classic David Austin Garden Roses, we offer an endless selection of the most highly prized specialty wholesale flowers available today. At Mayesh we carry a full line of fresh products to give diversity and texture to your floral expressions such as exotic products like Goanna Claw from Australia or Mini Bananas from Costa Rica. Not limited by the season at hand, you will find the right wholesale flowers for any occasion to fulfill an order of any size. From staple products to specialty flowers, Mayesh Wholesale Florist has hundreds of varieties when you need them. Click here for our current wholesale flower availability and be sure to check out our Flower Library

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From the Netherlands to New Zealand, our wholesale flowers are grown all over the world on six continents. We bring in shipments daily to ensure freshness and just in time products for your orders. On the local American grown level, Mayesh picks up daily from the California growing regions of Carlsbad, Santa Barbara County and the Watsonville/Salinas area. We also purchase American grown flowers from states such as Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, Texas, Washington, Vermont, Wisconsin, and more. We are passionate about flowers and seek to provide the freshest and highest quality from all around the world.

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Bred for excellence, Mayesh's wholesale flowers are cultivated by farms recognized by their peers as being amongst the best growers in the world. We have developed relationships with hundreds of growers around the globe which give us access to a multitude of cultivars, including new varieties before they come on the market. Meticulous about perfection, at Mayesh we learn how varieties are grown and the latest techniques for improving productivity and overall quality. Through regular interaction with our growers we have built a reliable channel of procurement and distribution. We see how new flowers are doing in trials and we frequently recommend varieties to our growers that have come to our attention in meeting or exceeding the Mayesh high standard of quality.


We go anywhere you need to be. To accommodate the contemporary floral designers' expanding role in large events, parties, and weddings, Mayesh Wholesale Florist provides a fully integrated solution for the floral industry on the local, national, and international levels. Through Mayesh's Destination Events program you not only receive the highest quality, most unusual products sourced from around the world for your wholesale flowers, but we also provide a wide-range of supplementary services to ensure that your destination event is a success.


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If you are a floral professional that has been asked to provide flowers for an event in the vicinity of many of our locations, we offer the following services along with our premium cut flowers:

  • Work areas, design spaces & offices
  • Coolers, refrigerated vans & trucks
  • Tables, racks, tools, buckets & floral supplies
  • Temporary personnel such as drivers, floral prep assistants & set up crew
  • Excellent floral designer referrals
  • Extensive knowledge of local venues along with their unique requirements

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We also offer a comprehensive package of services and resources for floral professionals working on an event anywhere in the 50 states which includes:

  • Full selection of fresh flowers, foliages, and other floral products
  • Shipping overnight to locations via carriers including FedEx and UPS
  • Airfreight to local airport and drayage to event site
  • Refrigerated truck transport to event site
  • All relevant paperwork and interstate agricultural permits, where necessary
  • On-site temporary refrigeration
  • Temporary personnel such as drivers, floral prep assistants, and set-up crew

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Lastly for our international destinations we provide:

  • Full selection of fresh flowers foliages and other floral products
  • Shipping via most reliable carriers with the benefit of our volume shipping rates
  • Execution of all necessary USDA Agricultural inspections, export permits, and phyto-sanitary certificates
  • The solicitation and receipt of import permits where necessary
  • Knowledge of destination and of prohibited items
  • Familiarity with Homeland Security procedures (Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. is a known shipper)
  • 24-hour/7-day per week contact number for emergency issues

    Please note that additional lead-time is required to plan the shipments of flowers internationally. Our sales associates can lead you through the numerous rules and regulations necessary for a successful shipment.