4 Easy Website & Social Basics to Nail Down

Nailed_down I am always surprised, and not in a good way, with how many florist & event designer sites I see with really basic information missing from their websites – it drives me bananas.  For many of us, our site is our first point of contact with customers and prospects.  Other than your floral site being in tip-top shape, filled with sharp images that really reflects your brand, you need the basics nailed down. 

List Your Location!

You want to ensure that your site visitor – a potential bride, corporate client, or regular ‘ol customer – knows that the site that they landed on is the right one or where to find you.  Often times your company’s name is someone else’s in another state (or even another country).  To prevent any confusion is REALLY easy – you just need to make sure that you company’s address/location is prominently posted on your site.  I have found some florists that bury that information on the “About” page, but a better place for this kind of information is on your footer and/or header and on your “Contact Us” page.  If the issue is that your company address is the same as your home, then at least list your city and state.  Doing so will also help with your local search results.

Get Social!

If you are reading this blog, then you may already be social, but there is a bunch of you that are not.  Yeah, you might have a Facebook page, but when is the last time you posted anything meaningful?  Setting up your social pages are pretty easy, just follow the steps.  If you do have any questions, use the help section or Google your question.  (I always find that if I’m running into a technical issue, chances are someone already ran into the same exact problem and posted about it online.)

So now you have your pages (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), now what?  I hear a bunch of people saying that they don’t have time or they can’t afford they very social media manager.  You can start out small and I highly recommend that you start by posting pictures.  Use what you have – your designs, your people, behind the scenes, where you are setting up events at, etc.

It is best practice to write up and post your content on your blog and then to post that information to your social sites.  But mix it up by posting blog links and then individual pictures, plus whole picture albums.  If you have limited time, then focus on 1 or 2 social sites.  Pick the one that really seems to be the hub for your customers, not the one that you prefer, and focus your efforts. 

Show You are Social! (part 1)

Another piece of critical information missing is how your site visitor can connect with your company socially.  Your “Home”, “Contact Us”, “About”, and “Blog” pages are all great candidates for listing those little social icons.  These are so important because often than not, a savvy prospect is checking you out before they make the first contact with your company.  It is imperative that you put your best foot forward and make it easy on them!  Don’t have social icons?  There are ton of free ones, you just need to search for them.  If you aren’t comfortable adding these to your site on your own and don’t have the resources for technical support, then at least just add the text links to your site and upgrade them to the icons later.  I promise you won’t be sorry that you did.


Show You are Social! (part 2)

One more super easy change that you all need do:  make sure on your personal Facebook profile under “Works at”, that you list your Facebook page’s link!  This one kills me every time.  Especially if you are a business owner, I just don’t get why you wouldn’t have it listed.  I’ve written a past post on how to do this, but it is old now and I imagine that Facebook fixed the bugs with this.  But, back in the “old days”, sometimes when one would try to add their company’s page, it would add just the place page (not your real page).  So, I highly recommend, for those of you with the page link listed already, that you check your link and make sure that it goes to your active page.  If not, edit your profile (under “update info”), delete that job and add it back on by selecting the real business page.


If you are looking for a few more ideas, be sure to check out my past session summary, “TSE Session: Top 5 Marketing Design Secrets That Help You Get Noticed” and “Social Media: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold”.

As Community Manager, I have to be on abreast of all things social, tech and web.  It is something that I’m truly passionate about.  So, if you do have any questions, shoot them over and I will try to help! 

And I want to know from you … What do you frequently see on the web that just drives you bananas?

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