2014 Mayesh Lonely Bouquet – The Bouquets

International Lonely Bouquet Day was officially held on June 29th, but we thought it would be fun to have hundreds of florists spread happiness and the love of flowers for our 2014 National Open House!

The event took place on June 25, 2014.  We provided a great selection of complimentary flowers for our customers to create a bouquet, which they left for unsuspecting recipients across the country – over 250 bouquets in all.  Spreading joy one bouquet at a time and bringing smiles to people’s faces!

Watch the video to see a sample of the bouquets made at each of our wholesale flower branches – Bakersfield, Carlsbad, Chandler, LA Flower Market, Las Vegas, LAX, Orange County, Oxnard, Phoenix, Portland, Riverside, Charlotte, Cleveland, Miami, and Detroit.

We received a great response on social media from many who received the bouquets.  Be sure to read & see the reactions here by clicking the following link:http://www.mayesh.com/Blog/tabid/67/EntryId/431/Adopted-Mayesh-Lonely-Bouquets-2014.aspx

If we ever doubt in the importance of flowers, all we need to do is recall this amazing day!  Thank you to all that participated and to our vendors who helped donate flowers to our branches!  You all rock!



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