2014 Mayesh Floral Fantasy Contest Winners

2014 Mayesh Floral Fantasy


Early September, we announced our Mayesh Floral Fantasy Contest, awarding one lucky and creative customer the opportunity to design anything they wanted and a trip for two to Las Vegas for our Art in Full Bloom benefit!  We had no idea how well received our new contest would be, but it was surrounded by much excitement.  Due to our customers getting excited to participate, we thought it would be fun to open an internal contest to our Mayesh staff as well as we have many creative designers throughout our company.  Both sets of entries were amazing with so many brilliant design ideas submitted.  Choosing was difficult and the winners debated, but we are all excited to finally reveal our 2 Floral Fantasy winners – Korie Mulleadyand Noralyn Romak!!  Congratulations!  Read on to get the details of Korie’s and Nora’s fantasy designs as submitted to Mayesh!


Korie Mulleady, of The Enchanted Florist in Orange, California

2014 Mayesh Floral Fantasy Winner


I wouldn’t be surprised if, while looking at this rendering, you thought to yourself, “What is that?”

First of all, let me assure you that my floral design skills are far superior to my drawing skills.

What you’re looking at is a wall made up of half cinder blocks. With the center of the wall being composed of blocks of standard floral foam painted to look like brick. This part of the wall has been covered with graffiti. All of the words on the wall are things that someone who has been a victim of domestic violence would have experienced. Surrounding it will be my part of the design which is done on the cinder blocks. At the base of the wall will be wheat grass (or a moss runner) covered with white, cream, or pastel flowers. I would like to invite the attendees of the event to use those flowers to transform the “brick” part of the wall. The flowers on the ground will already be cut short and the attendees can pick them up and press them into the floral foam – completing the rest of the design.

The unique aspect of my design is that the finished product won’t be entirely my creation. It won’t be complete until the guests help cover the graffiti on the wall. This allows attendees to do more than admire a beautiful piece. It gives them the opportunity to experience the flowers for themselves and share in the design process.
I also love the way this design relates back the theme of the evening. Seeing the awful words on the wall might be startling to people but it is a reminder of why we are there. In the end, with the help of the guests, the transformation of the wall is complete and the ugliness that was once there is replaced by beauty. Similarly their donations to Safe Nest help transform the lives of those who are victims of domestic violence.

The wall itself is made up of 96 half cinder blocks and measures 81” (6’9”) in length and 65” (5’4”) high and 2’6”deep. Currently I have this design as being viewed from both sides. A portion of the wall has been set up in the back of my store for about a week now just to make sure it will go as planned.

I am a second generation florist who had to walk to the shop after school and vowed never to work in the industry. Seven years ago I broke my hip in a horseback riding accident and haven’t left the shop since! This contest is an amazing opportunity and I thank you for considering my design for the Floral Fantasy competition.


Noralyn Romak of our Detroit branch

2014 Mayesh Floral Fantasy Winner


The accumulation of my ideas fall into the floral fashion category.  I think Mother Nature embodies the beauty she creates from the stem to the bloom, the moss to the mushroom and the branch to the leaf. She is one with what she creates & wears it well.

The foundation for the bodice is constructed using duct tape and a t-shirt. Which is then set upon the under skirt structure comprised of bound branching. Burlap is then draped around the sides & down the back creating a train. The bodice will be covered in woven grass & foliage with a floral collar draping along the top around the arms. The burlap skirting will be covered with flower groupings, foliage mosses and other natural items. Ideally a crown would also be made of similar products and a branch scepter.

Flowers could include ocean song roses, precious moments garden roses, spray roses, kale, moss assortment, curly willow, sponge mushrooms (or others available), pods (scabiosa, nigella..),green ball dianthus, eucalyptus assortment, fern curls, fern assortment (davalia, myerii, flat, plumosus..), woodwardia, chocolate lace, purple ranuculus, amaranthus upright & hanging, waxflower, magical thistle, gomphrena,flowering artichokes, veronica, larkspur, green banksia, berzelia, leucadendron, agonis, black privet/blue berried viburnum, scotch broom (not flowering), aussie greens, rosehips, lotus pods, assorted grasses (xl bear, lily grass…) sorghum, green millet, sedum, nandina, green wheat, black ti leaves, agonis, and robellini.
Korie and Nora, we will see you in Vegas!


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