2013 Mayesh’s National Open House Pictures

Last week we hosted our 3rd annual Mayesh Open House at every branch.  We have posted a bunch of pictures on our Facebook page, and wanted to make sure that you have the links to check ‘em all out!  Just click on the collages below and you’ll be treated to each of the albums that we created for our Chandler, Cleveland,  L.A. Flower Market, Detroit, and Orange County’s open houses.

I wanted to thank all of our vendors that provided flowers for the contest and open house along with the other companies that our locations partnered up with to provide design, food, rentals, and decorative items.  A big thank you needs to go out to all of the AIFD designers who took time out of their schedules to provide floral design demonstrations at many of our locations.  From what I heard and saw, it was a great hit!  Additionally, Jose Azout, of Alexandra Farms, took time to visit  a few of our California branches to talk about garden roses and I will be sharing a video snipit from one of his presentations.  Stay tuned!  Thank you to everyone for everything!  You all rock!

Last, but not least, we hosted a Twitter party sharing all of the excitement happening across the county – the feed doesn’t stick around forever, but for the next while you can check it out here.



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