2011 Rose Parade – Behind the Scenes with Mayesh

In starting to write this post, I do want to point out that I am a little behind in publishing anything about the Rose Parade.  As most of you know, we were working very hard on our first national open house and design contest, but the Rose Parade is so amazing I did not want to pass up the opportunity in total.

Mayesh Wholesale has been supplying flowers to the Rose Parade float builders for about 20 years now.  Of the 46 floats presented in this year’s parade, 24 floats were made with Mayesh’s fresh cut flowers, with 9 of those winning awards.  Ready for this?  We supply more that half a million stems of flowers!  Yes, over 500,000 stems that consist mostly of roses, carnations, and gerbers! 

If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe the fact that about 51.9 million Americans plus millions of international viewers watch the Rose Parade on TV or that on January 1, 2011 there were an estimated 700,000 people present along the parade route will indeed impress (see source link below).  When talking about positive exposure for flowers, this is about as good as it gets.

For many area families, including Mayesh’s CEO Pat Dahlson’s family, it is tradition to watch the parade each year.  Included in Pat’s tradition is to go down early to the parade, between 10 PM and midnight the night before, to watch these magnificent floats pull out of their warehouse, drive down quiet neighborhood streets, and line up for the parade!

Check out our video slide show of pictures that were taken this year to give you a glimpse of what it is like behind the scenes in preparing for the 2011 Rose Parade.

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