Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners


Wow, 13 weeks of our #Mayeshgram Instagram Photo Challenge has come and gone!  Can you believe it? I have to say that we really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures posted!  Everyday we see beautiful flowers in buckets or boxes, but do not get to appreciate their beauty once they leave our coolers and are arranged into countless designs.  So thank you to all who participated and tagged over 2,000 photos!  Amazing!  While we do not have a contest/challenge going on right now, feel free to continue to use the #Mayeshgram hashtag.  I’m sure we will do something fun again and if you have any challenge/contest idea, please let me know.

OK, so on to why we are here … week 13 winners!  The last week of our challenge yielded many beautiful pics to choose from, but I decided to select two very different designs.

Winners, please use our Contact Us page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!



Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners


Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners

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