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Floral Design Elements: Holiday Topiary with Jerome Raska

How-to Floral Design: Fall Topiary

In the last installment of his Mayesh Design Star series, Jerome makes a not so traditional holiday topiary for the harvest time of year. This a great trans-seasonal design that will look perfect on any tablescape or buffet table.

We would like to thank Jerome for an incredible design series! We hope he has inspired you as he inspired us! It was a pleasure working with you, thank you Jerome!

Featured product: sheet moss, angel vine, apples (not sold by Mayesh), pincushion protea, hypericum berry, Confidential rose, hydrangea, rose hips, craspedia, scabiosa pods and cymbidium orchids.

Materials used: floral foam, hyacinth sticks, Design Master Rose Gold spray paint, pheasant feathers and water tubes.


Floral Design Elements: Halloween Inspiration


In this month’s Mayesh Design Star video, Shawn shows us a very cool technique on how to turn ti leaves into raven feathers to create a not so typical Halloween inspired design.

Featured product: Black ti leaves, burgundy tree peony, cymbidium orchids and mokara orchids.

Materials used: foam raquette and porcupine quills.

Floral Design Elements: Fall Harvest with Jerome Raska


In this edition of his Mayesh Design Star series, Jerome makes a beautiful harvest arrangement to kick off the fall season! This design is loaded with texture and has a lot of cool terracing effects! Enjoy!

Product featured: Birch branch, lotus pods, Milky Way aspidistra, millet, crocosmia pods, sunflowers, Jester leucadendron, transparent oak, hypericum berries and Matilda roses.

Materials used: oasis foam and chenille wire.

Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’Reilly: Fall Tablescape

This Inspired Floral Design with Beth O’Reilly AIFD is a softer side to fall. Creating a design with a different take on pumpkins and a more muted color palette, Beth designs a beautiful tablescape perfect for your holiday dinner.

Featured product: Fairytale pumpkins, jarrahdale pumpkins, white mini pumpkins, butternut squash, green wheat, cotinus, antique hydrangea, Patience garden rose, Cappuccino rose, lavender garden rose, astilbe, burgundy spider mums, Sahara rose, liquid amber,  putumayo carnation and gold spider mums.

Hardgoods: Oasis foam, hyacinth sticks, upholstery tacks, copper flat wire and Oasis cold glue.

November 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: American Grown Flowers

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lisa highlights product that is grown here in the United States.  Being based in California, we have much love for our grower neighbors, along with growers throughout the rest of the country and wanted to give you a sample of what is available right now.  The majority of our product videos feature product from all over the world, but we have had customers ask about local or American product so I hope to highlight this product each season.

Featured product: Magnolia leaves, white tulips, Ad Rem tulips, tweedia, sunflowers, green hydrangea, coxcomb, Corcovado lily, Amarossi lily, Telesto lily, garden roses, garden spray roses and heather.




October 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Fall Textures & Colors

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lisa will show us cool product that adds awesome textures and pops of color for all your fall floral designs. 

Featured product: green pepper berry, berberis, Garnet King chrysanthemum, bronze upright amaranthus, sunflowers, setaria, sorgum, red chili pepper, black chili pepper, pumpkin tree, bittersweet, crabapple, red clover, yellow asclepia, banksia, mandarine freesia and Fuego garden rose.


September 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Jackson Vine

Jackson Vine, also known as Southern Smilax, is this month’s Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossom. Perfect for wedding and events, Charity has some tips on how to purchase and how to care for this product.

Availability: Jackson Vine gaps mid-May  through mid-July  (sometimes mid-april through mid-May) depending on weather. The gap is when it’s in its growth period.


August 2014 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Transitional Flower Pull

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lisa will walk us through a flower pull for the month of August, a transitional period for flowers. This color palette is great for both summer and fall, pulling flowers from both seasons.

Featured products: scabiosa pods, pieris japonica, continus, brunia, red scabiosa, blackberry, cobra lily, blushing bride protea, hot pink Cafe Au Lait dalia, sedum, bittersweet, explosion grass, red clover, sword fern, Chameleon calla lily, coral dahlia, Piano garden rose, Gysela rose and pomegranate.


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