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Persimmons Branch

  • Description:
    When receiving fruit blossoms inspect carefully. The blossoms want to be still in bud form with just a little color showing from the calyx. They can be shipped with no color showing, but the buds must have formed. Frequently blossoms will arrive in plastic. Check the status of the branches, as to quality and budding stage. If the buds are still tight, the stems must be cut with a sharp knife or blade. Smashing, crushing or mangling of the stems leads to poor absorption of water, the stems will not hydrate and the blooms are likely to shrivel and drop. Once the branches have been cleanly cut re-wrap in plastic, somewhat loosely and place into water. Wrapping in plastic maintains a high level of humidity which allows the boughs, stems and blossoms to absorb water and promote blooming. They can be held in the cooler, and the blooms will open slowly. To open somewhat faster they do well exposed to daylight. The key is to keep them damp, so leave them in plastic. Check the blossoms every one or two days to monitor the status of the branches. As the blooms start to open, remove plastic so that bundles will not have their blooming restricted and keep in the cooler. Branches that are starting to open and are left out of the cooler should be sprayed with water a few times a day. Of course once they open fully, then you have to be very careful.
  • Substitutions:
  • Color: Brown, Green
  • Group: Branches
  • Eco-Friendly:
  • Season: Fall, Summer

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