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Asclepias Orange

  • Description:
    There are two main types of Asclepia used in our industry, namely the milkweed with flowers in tropical tones of red, orange and deep pink, and the Asclepia Physocarpus, more commonly known as “Moby Dick”.

    Care and Handling:
    Check flowers for any signs of damage, check to see if at least 60% of the blooms are open. Make sure flowers are not dropping and that stems are not wilting. Inspect leaves for signs of rust, as well as brown and black spots. Stems should be cut cleanly and crisply and placed immediately into water. Any leaves that will be submerged should be removed. The flowers should be hydrated in a low sugar holding solution.
  • Substitutions:
  • Color: Orange
  • Group: A - C
  • Eco-Friendly:
  • Season: Spring, Fall, Summer

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