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Aug 9

Written by: Yvonne Ashton
8/9/2012 8:07 AM  RssIcon

Thinking about entering our MDS2013 video contest, but aren’t sure?  I interviewed our 2012 Mayesh Design Star, Mandy Majerik AIFD PFCI in hopes to answer some of the questions you may have and shed light on what you have in store if you win our MDS2013 contest!

Mandy Majerik, 2012 Mayesh Design Star
What’s this experience been like for you?

It has been a very, very positive one! When I decided to turn in a video, I never knew that this is what it would turn into and I think it’s only going to get better as Holland gets closer and closer! ;)

I have had to challenge myself to be creative and make sure that my video content not only shows off beautiful flowers but also lets the audience into my design aesthetic and style.

How could it be better?

I think that this process has shown me exactly what it is like to design for the camera – to the camera. As a designer it is difficult and takes a bit of practice to create an arrangement (especially large ones) focused forward at all times. Also, cutting the design time down to show the steps/process of the design – I think this is where it is so important for the videographer to work magic. The audience must remember that the primary purpose of the video is to highlight the floral content and give minimal directions/mechanics for the arrangement – it comes down to being a time issue.

Do you feel like being our Mayesh Design Star has helped your career?  Did the extra exposure help open any new doors for you?

Of course! I have been interviewed for several publications with a Mayesh Design Star (MDS) twist/undertone – the main one being Floriology. Floral industry professionals have recognized me and now have an outlet to preview my work and my presentation to be able to offer up other design jobs with various companies.

[Check out the Floriology article below on page 5]

Anything else you’d like to share about the experience?

I know it has saved money to be able to shoot the rest of the videos in AL since Wes and I are so close. Although, I think beginning the video series in LA is the perfect way to kick off the series. It really gave me the opportunity to visit with all of the staff, shake hands, gives hugs, eat lunch together and really learn the inner workings of the warehouse, etc. I was awed by the variety and was able to feel comfortable knowing that the variety was there in case I needed it. Really developing the personal relationships with the staff was very important to be able to personally promote myself as being proud of the standards this company upholds. I was honored to be chosen as the MDS spokesperson!

How do you think we can make the contest better?

I definitely think one of the keys of this run of successful videos was the videographer and my relationship. I was very comfortable with Wes and Tera and it made the process a very quick and easy and less “takes.” A professional/edgy presentation must keep you a step above some the DIY You tubers….

In the rules, you might address a *professional videographer is not mandatory but also it is welcome. I personally knew so so so many of my peers would be watching, I wanted to make sure that my ideas and insights and inspiration came though by telling my story and my design. Some thought that the professionalism might have given me a few points ahead but of course it did in viewer’s minds! I knew how important every detail would be on making a lasting impression.


Well, there you have it in Mandy’s own words!  Do you have any other questions?  Enter them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.  Can’t wait to watch all of your videos very soon!

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