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Written by: Yvonne Ashton
2/1/2012 10:41 AM  RssIcon

With this being my first trip to any trade show on behalf of Mayesh, I honestly had no idea what to expect when I decided that I would attend Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List.  I had no idea who Michael Cerbelli was and it started at 8:30 in the morning (after the show I was able to find out that he is from Total Entertainment, a large event production firm based in NYC).  I guess I was half expecting a slightly larger version of the seminars that I had been in, but that is not what we walked into.  We entered into a giant room decked out with a full production stage, and filled with thousands of people.  I was instantly awake – who needs caffeine when you have the air of electricity and excitement surrounding you!

Nothing relating to flowers were seen at the show, but Michael presented his favorite event ideas and performers.  So this whole post does not pertain to our “floral industry” and I was worried that our reading audience may not want to read about what we saw.  But then I started to think that flowers do pertain to the more wider net of the “event industry”, so I think I’m safe to say that there is a segment of our reading audience that will enjoy learning about what we witnessed.  I hope you are inspired by the great companies that are presented to you.

We received a beautiful brochure that contains over 30 companies that were presented in “The Hot List” show.  I’m going to list off just a few of my favorites and our girl, Sabrina, created a Pinterest Board to give a great pictorial and interactive overview.  Be sure to check it out below!   

  • First, let’s discuss the brochure.  It was created by a company, AlphaVites.  They are able to create invites and brochures with die-cut letters and numbers.  So cool and unique!
  • My next favorite, is “CakeShooters”.  Do you remember those orange “push-ups”?  Well take that concept, but with cake and that is what a CakeShooter is (the pic below is one that I took of the large projection screen that was in front of us).  Don’t they look absolutely delicious?  Yummy!  
  • During the show, we did a really cool “group” activity … we created a song!  How, do you create a song with an large audience you might wonder?  Well, all you need is Song Division!  First the audience was asked for a volunteer who could play a few chords on the guitar, which will be the rhythm for the song, then the audience got to vote (by screaming) for which genre of music and we voted for Funk, then the audience texted in lyrics.  At the end of The Hot List show, Song Division came out to perform the song that we created.  It was pretty awesome!  Here’s a youtube video that I found of their performance:
  • Sabrina and I both loved the singing group, “The Company Men”.  They describe their sounds as “timeless hits. today’s sound, mashing the music of six decades.”  These gorgeous guys did a mash-up performance and I have to admit that I went crazy when they started to sing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”.  Love them and Sabrina was lucky enough to be at the both when they decided to visit!  Too cool!Owly Images

    P.S. I did find a youtube video of their performance!

Here is our Pinterest board – click on it to go to the site and view the full detailed board:


I hope I get to attend The Special Event show in Chicago in 2013 so I can see what Michael Cerbelli presents for his next "The Hot List"!!  

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