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By Yvonne Ashton on 8/26/2014 5:47 PM
It was brought to my attention that we helped inspire some florists to carry on with The Lonely Bouquet mission long after our national Open House & Lonely Bouquet Design Day, which was held this past June.  So when I saw an email from our Detroit branch letting us know about Kristyne Carian-Case of Della’s Maple Lane Florist, I knew that I had to interview her to get more details.  If you only have a minute to read through the interview, then be sure to skip to the 7th question below (“I’m sure you have heard back from many of the recipients – any particular story that stands out from the rest?”), but be sure you have some tissues handy!  I seriously love the power of flowers!!
By Yvonne Ashton on 8/26/2014 5:19 AM

Mayesh is participating in the Portland Flower Market Fall Open House event coming up this October.  Read on to get all of the details below. 

When: Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ 9 AM – 3 PM 

Where: Portland Flower Market 3624 N. Leverman, Portland 


  • 1st Design Show: 9 – 11 AM
  • Lunch Break: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • 2nd Design Show: 1 – 3 PM

Registration (including lunch) $25 per person 
Closing date for pre-registration Sept. 29, 2014 
Registrations after closing date will not include lunch

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/19/2014 4:30 PM
Last month I shared with you the newly created WFFSA Florist Marketing & Communications Toolkit.  This month, I did a little summary write up on the importance of blogs.  Read it below and if you haven’t had the chance, download the toolkit and let me know what you think! 

As published in the 8/19/14 WFFSA netWORK newletter:


Blogging is often overlooked and with the popularity of social media is sometimes seen as non-essential, but we beg to differ.  Blogging is a key component to your social media strategy.  With social media, your content is only relevant and seen for a short period of time, as well as difficult to search for old content.  To ensure that all of your hard work in creating great content is not lost, be sure to post it to your...
By Yvonne Ashton on 8/13/2014 8:35 AM

Have a story, tips or opinion that you would like to share with others in our industry?  Great, because Mayesh Wholesale Florist is seeking guest bloggers!  Share your knowledge and stories with our world wide community by submitting your article!  Here are the details:

Deadline: None. This is a standing call. 
Contact: Yvonne Ashton

How to participate:

  • If you’d like to be a guest blogger for Mayesh send an email to
    • Email subject line:  Blog Pitch
    • Let me know your name, where you are from, and a bit about you.
    • Include a bio (no more than 100 words)
    • Link(s) to your website, blog, etc.
    • Le me know if you are a current Mayesh customer (being a customer is not required)
    • You can send an idea or a completed article.
      • we prefer previously unpublished work.
  • This is an open call, so there is no deadline.
  • Photos are always welcome and encouraged due to the nature of our industry, however you need to ensure that you have the copyrights to all photos that are used.
  • Please be advised that we may make editorial changes to your submission for formatting and grammar.

Topics may cover the following subjects, but are not limited to:

  • Design inspiration – showcase your work or an event that you were involved with.
  • Design tips, how to, and best practices
  • Marketing and branding ideas
  • Success stories – share your learning moments, career highlights, etc
  • Flower/product knowledge

The options are limitless!  I am looking forward to reading your submissions and hope that many will take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with the floral community and to help further your online presence! 

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/8/2014 9:08 AM

Teleflora’s Michigan Unit presents: Here Comes the Savvy Bride! 

Featuring: Bert Ford AIFD, PFCI 

Today’s bride is tech savvy, well read and knows what she wants! At this program, Bert will share tips and techniques for wowing your customers that will be sure to take your wedding business to the next level. Learn to sell and create the latest trends in bridal designs. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your profits and create exciting new designs.  Here are the details:

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/6/2014 2:48 PM

Time to go wireless? 

Our industry has evolved dramatically over the past few years. More shops are closing than analysts predicted, new business is harder to find and technology is becoming more and more important in the success of flower shops. How does this change the role of wire services? Which service should you have, if any? How many wire-in orders are enough? All of these issues will be discussed and evaluated. If you have a wire service, you need to be in this session. 

Host: Dan McManus, TeamFloral President 
Brought to you by Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Register for the free webinar here:

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/5/2014 10:44 AM

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

World Wide Web

Increasingly, there is a burgeoning movement in the USA of growers, florists and consumers who are calling for local flowers grown in a sustainable manner. There are at least two on-line forums where domestic growers, retailers and consumers can communicate as well as buy and sell “local” flowers.

In a parallel world, there is an explosion of visual information in the virtual on-line world at sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, where consumers also congregate to find their inspiration for all things floral. As a consequence, floral professionals have to field requests for Peonies in August, Ranunculus in July and Anemones in September. Indeed, Black and White “Panda” Anemones seem to popular no matter what season it is.

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/4/2014 9:49 AM

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson


Billowy white clouds abandoned upon the bright blue celestial canvas.
Bright white cotton sheets giving sinuous contours to warm afternoon breezes.
Double scoops of French vanilla ice-cream.
Tulle and ivory damask gathered in trembling hands.
White O’Hara

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/1/2014 1:06 AM

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lisa will walk us through a flower pull for the month of August, a transitional period for flowers. This color palette is great for both summer and fall, pulling flowers from both seasons.

Featured products: 

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/31/2014 6:31 PM

In her last installment for the 2014 Mayesh Design Star Contest, Patience will show us how to create a rustic design using pallets, Mill Stone containers from UCI and elements taken from nature. This design would work great at any event!

Featured product: liatris, ruscus, Miricle roses, pincushion protea and green thistle.

Hard goods: Mill Stone containers from UCI, Oasis blocks, moss, pheasant feathers, deer antlers, pallets and angle iron.

If you are #TeamPatience, this is your last chance to support her by watching her video during the month of August!

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Sabrina Mesa

Hola! My goal for this blog is to help navigate the winding waters of the floral industry. We will have a lot of fun along the way of course. We will cover everything from recaps of shows across the world, tips and tricks, trends and of course those questions we all have but are too embarrassed to ask our sales rep. Have no fear Sabrina the Explorer is here!...with backpack, map and all *wink*

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