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By Yvonne Ashton on 1/29/2015 8:18 AM

Oasis was very generous in providing each of our branches with their new Floral Foam Tiles to create our flower walls.  At the end of this post, get product specs, features and directions as provided by Oasis.  But before we get to the technical information, I wanted to share some pictures and a fun time lapse video that we shot of the Mayesh Orange County Wall being created.  I hope you find this behind the scenes look helpful and inspiring!

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/28/2015 6:27 PM

January is quickly coming to a close, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!!  Crazy, right?! 

Everyone here at Mayesh is preparing for the holiday and I had a few things I wanted to share with you.  First, we updated our Roses: Prep, Care, and Handling guide.  If you don’t have it yet, you can view/download here.  These best practices will ensure the best quality of life for your roses.

Secondly, I have a quick video to share with you.  While most importers are loading up their coolers with flowers for Valentine’s, Mayesh does not believe in storing flowers and is in fact cleaning the coolers in anticipation of the Valentine’s shipments that will start around February 4th.  You can see for yourself in this 30 second video clip:

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/27/2015 8:51 AM

About 200 event professionals gathered for The Special Event Leadership Lunch on January 8th at The Ranch.  Jerome Raska AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CAFA, CF and J. Robbin Yelverton AIFD, AAF, CF, PFCI of Blumz… by JRDesigns headed up the design and being a great customer of our Detroit/Romulus branch asked us to sponsor the flowers.  We asked the design duo about their inspiration for the event and this is what they had to say: 

“ Inspiration…it was a combination of both the venue and the keynote speaker.   The venue, The Ranch, has a very strong "western saloon" feel. The Speaker was a military veteran who lost his leg while serving in the Middle East.  So the look was decidedly masculine, western, organic, rugged and textural.  The linens selected were very earthy in greens, browns and taupes.  Floral product colors were white/cream, green, and a hint of darker red.  The use of the various mosses, bark, stones and succulents added depth to the composition.   The function was also a luncheon so designs were kept lower and not so over the top.  However, the unique floral products such as bromeliad bloom, protea, and artichoke gave an exotic feel while the roses and orchids lent elegance.”

We ran over before the lunch began to snap some photos to share with you – enjoy!

TSE2015 - The RanchRanunculus and moss ball centerpiece

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/23/2015 3:20 AM

Our creative community – Mayesh employees, clients and vendors - came together, flower walls were built, the votes have been counted, and now we can officially announce the winners of our 2015 Flower Wall Collective Contest!

The top 3 branches will receive money to donate to their charity of choice - 1st place: $3000; 2nd place: $2000; 3rd place: $1000!  Also, we may have a little surprise for the rest of the branches, but you need to watch the video below as Patrick Dahlson, our CEO, reveals all the details!  

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/21/2015 8:29 AM

Our L.A. Market customer, Billy Butchkavitz, sent over these gorgeous pictures to give you a peek into 72nd Golden Globe Awards afterparty hosted by HBO.  So much fun! 

Keep on scrolling down to see what he designed for this year’s party.  Curious as what the flowers consisted of?  400 stems White China Mums, 288 blooms of Gardenias,  150 stems White Christmas Gift Amaryllis, and 2,000 stems of Vendela Roses made up his party flowers.

In doing a little research on Billy, I found a quote saying that he finds “out what will be trending” and avoids it.  A very different design philosophy that has worked very well for him.  Thanks Billy for sharing with us!!

Photography by:  Gabor Ekecs

HBO Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA flower centerpiece, gardenias

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/16/2015 5:12 PM

Take a tour of all of the fabulous Japanese flowers that Mayesh had displayed at The Special Event. Charity shows off flowers that last up to 3 weeks including: lisianthus, clematis, ranunculus, sweet peas, Ripple lisianthus, green crisp, Black Magic vanda orchids with 13 blooms per stem, white gloriosa lilies, Snake allium, tweedia in white, blue and pink, scabiosa, and spray roses.

Also, if you are looking for some flowers that will compliment Pantone's color of the year "Marsala", we have that too!

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Japanese Flowers at The Special Event 2015 from Mayesh Wholesale on Vimeo.

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/15/2015 5:55 PM

When our marketing team began discussing the idea of this whole flower wall design collaboration, I don’t think we realized how emotional this was going to get. Really, I know of many that shed tears on Wednesday because we were so overcome with emotion – sad for the pain of others, but honored and filled with gratitude that we can help give back. As you go through the pictures below and read some of the stories, don’t say that I didn’t warn you … have some tissues ready!

We had many vendors generously donate product to make this day possible. So thank you to those of you who donated flowers to all of our locations, and, of course, a big thank you needs to go to Oasis Floral Products for donating their brand new floral foam tiles to the event! Last, but not least we are thankful for all of our amazing customers that helped with the designs of each of the walls. You all rock!

And as a reminder the top 3 branches receive money to donate to their charity of choice - 1st place: $3000; 2nd place: $2000; 3rd place: $1000!

Here are the voting details (scroll all the way down to place your vote):

  • voting will begin Friday, January 16th
  • 1 vote per device
  • Voting will be live until Thursday, January 22nd 8 pm (EST)
  • The winners will be announced on January 23rd

Ok, now it is time to vote for your favorite flower wall!

By Yvonne Ashton on 1/12/2015 7:34 PM


Want to know what is happening in the world of wholesale flowers in terms of what is available, what is starting up, what is coming to an end?  Then keep on reading because I have a whole laundry list of products just for you!  Have any questions for our purchasing team?  Let me know in the comments below!

  • Acacia Mimosa Bagged: available now
  • Amaranthus hanging : Limited
  • Amaranthus Upright : Very limited
  • Anemone California: Local production is starting to go up
By Yvonne Ashton on 1/12/2015 2:53 AM
So, let’s pretend you are me … the Director of Marketing for one of the largest wholesale florists in the country.  I have to admit that it is pretty cool to be me and it is no secret that I love my job.  (I love it so much that I was asked to speak on a panel at the 2012 SAF Convention about why I love my job so much!)  But when it came time to hire a new marketing team member and I had to scour hundreds of resumes, I didn’t love my job as much.  Ok, ok … I hated going through resumes because after a time, they all started to look and sound the same.  Don’t get me wrong, I spoke to some great people with plain-jane resumes, but I have to say that when a non-traditional, but gorgeously designed resume crossed my sight, I was already interested before I read the content.  No matter the design, content is most important, however my eyes were extremely thankful for some great design.  When we decided to bring Ali aboard, I asked her to do a post about resume design because I L-O-V-E her resume (pictured below)  and think since we all work in a creative industry, this is a good opportunity for those looking for a floral-related job to show off some creative skills.  So if you are ready for some quick tips and inspiration, I hope you enjoy this post!
By Yvonne Ashton on 1/7/2015 8:49 AM

It is that time again … Japanese Flower season!  We brought in lots of Japanese blooms for our Special Event booth this year.  We plan on taking more pictures and creating a video, of course, but in the meantime hopefully these pretty pics will hold you over.  Below you will find: pink tweedia, pink cosmos, light pink sweet peas, pink ranunculus, green ranunculus, scabiosa, light pink scabiosa, lavender scabiosa, purple lisianthus, pink lisianthus, white lisianthus, sweet peas, white tweedia, purple sweet peas, blue tweedia, and purple lucocoryne cravelle.

Please note that Japanese flowers are available at ALL of our Mayesh branches, however, due to price sensitivity, most items will only be available for pre-orders only.  So if you want to spice up your designs with this product, be sure to place an order with your rep because you won't see this product sitting around in the cooler.

pink Japanese Tweedia

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