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By Ali Dahlson on 7/23/2015 11:27 AM

Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers

We're super excited for this interview (for many reasons), but mainly because we have admired this designer's work and influence on the flower industry for the past few years. It has been so fun to follow her journey, from a small, young florist to hitting it big and becoming one of the most sought after wedding floral designers out there. You have most likely heard of Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers in Salt Lake City, UT, and we were able to catch up with her and find out what's been going on since our last interview in 2011! 

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/20/2015 11:14 AM

Celebrating 1,000,000 Views on Mayesh's YouTube Channel

Mayesh Wholesale Florist is the first in its industry to hit 1,000,000 YouTube video views! Being on the forefront of video aligns well with the basic principles of the Mayesh brand – fresh, innovative and community oriented.

The success of our YouTube channel can be greatly attributed to Mayesh’s Design Stars – Mandy Majerik AIFD, Jodi Duncan AIFD, and Beth O’Reilly AIFD TMF – along with the Floral Perspective video series designers – Tony Medlock AIFD and Patience Pickner AIFD PFCI – with views totaling nearly 850,000. Beyond our flower design videos, many Mayesh employees have contributed to our educational product showcase videos helping to distribute our knowledge of flowers.

By Ali Dahlson on 7/17/2015 1:02 PM

There were a couple of shows that were just incredibly visually stunning, so I decided to collect some of my favorite moments from these dreamy presentations.

By Ali Dahlson on 7/15/2015 9:25 PM

Jenny Thomasson's pant and succulent terrariums at AIFD Symposium 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are probably aware that plants are in. Everyone wants the newest, coolest succulents, and people are filling their homes and gardens with all sorts of plant varieties. Well, Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD, of Stems Florist, is also aware of this phenomenon, and has taken a special interest in designing with plants. She believes, however, that designing with plants has become a bit monotonous, and hoped to inspire us with her designs to "open our minds to designing with plants" in a unique way. She also let us in on her little theory about the direction things are going… "something that is more sculpture, something that is more art… I think that's where the world of plants is going." I happen to be a believer of this sentiment as well, and was inspired by her belief that we need to design with more purpose, and not just use plants and greenery as fill-in and a way to finish off an arrangement.

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/15/2015 9:30 AM
new coming this fall
I have very exciting news to share!!  We are working on our new website which is due to launch this coming fall! Be sure to check out this short teaser video that highlights some of the exciting new features:
By Ali Dahlson on 7/10/2015 12:09 PM


For those of you that don’t know, this was my first year attending AIFD's National Symposium, and it was definitely the right year to go, as it was their 50th anniversary! The excitement and energy was palpable all week, and it was inspiring to be a part of such a big year for AIFD. To kick off the week, their first show was called "Reflections: AIFD's Five Decades of Design Excellence," and for a wide-eyed newbie like myself, it was a great way to learn about the history of AIFD, and really get a grasp on what it is all about. Five designers were given the task to transport us all to a different decade that they were a part of. Here's what we learned on our trip down memory lane!

By Ali Dahlson on 7/8/2015 1:07 PM

Our Phoenix branch recently donated flowers to a local organization called Parties for Purpose. It is such a great concept that we had to share a little bit about this wonderful organization! Parties for Purpose puts together birthday parties for under privileged kids in the metro Phoenix area. For this circus themed event, we donated a variety of fun, colorful flowers including lilies, carnations, pompons, roses and more. The Ringling Brothers were also involved in this event, which celebrated twenty deserving children... how fun is that?!

By Ali Dahlson on 7/8/2015 12:54 PM

Here’s the latest information from our Mayesh purchasing team! Enjoy! 

By Ali Dahlson on 7/8/2015 11:18 AM

On June 26th, we hosted our second Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day! Based on the number of photos filtering in all day from our different branches, I'd say it was a success! We had so many florists (and even some of their children and family members!) show up to help design over 400 bouquets and spread the love around town. We had a number of stories and comments come back, and wanted to share the joy that was felt with this year's Lonely Bouquets. 

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/8/2015 9:48 AM

yellow mod flowers with gray chevron
Wow, 13 weeks of our #Mayeshgram Instagram Photo Challenge has come and gone!  Can you believe it? I have to say that we really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures posted!  Everyday we see beautiful flowers in buckets or boxes, but do not get to appreciate their beauty once they leave our coolers and are arranged into countless designs.  So thank you to all who participated and tagged over 2,000 photos!  Amazing!  While we do not have a contest/challenge going on right now, feel free to continue to use the #Mayeshgram hashtag.  I’m sure we will do something fun again and if you have any challenge/contest idea, please let me know.

OK, so on to why we are here … week 13 winners!  The last week of our challenge yielded many beautiful pics to choose from, but I decided to select two very different designs.  

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