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By Ali Dahlson on 8/26/2015 3:16 PM

Here’s the latest wholesale flower information from our Mayesh purchasing team! Enjoy! 

By Ali Dahlson on 8/25/2015 9:15 AM

Meg & Annie of The Little Branch

As many of you probably know, last week The Little Branch took over our Instagram for a few days! They shared some of their favorite designs and events with our followers and continued to inspire our community with their beautiful work.  We hope you enjoyed their takeover as much as we did, and if you were curious and wanting to find out more about the lovely ladies behind the photos, you're in luck! We asked Meg a few questions to get a deeper look into The Little Branch. Enjoy! 

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/21/2015 6:26 AM

Are you the next Mayesh Design Star? Here's what Beth O'Reilly AIFD has to say about her experience with Mayesh and how this process has effected her professional life.

By Yvonne Ashton on 8/18/2015 12:24 PM
Mayesh Minute: Blushing Bride Protea  
David Dahlson reviews one of his favorite flowers, the Blushing Bride Protea.
By Yvonne Ashton on 8/11/2015 8:32 AM
American Grown Crocosmia Lucifer
In this edition of the Mayesh Minute, David Dahlson shows us locally grown Crocosimia Lucifer.
By Yvonne Ashton on 7/31/2015 5:03 PM

For the Teleflora Make Someone Smile and Flowers for Kids event at our Phoenix branch, we had 13 Adults (8 customer shops) and 17 children participate. Flowers are delivered to anyone who might need a little pick me up and to help promote the industry.  Here is a slide show that Dave Tagge put together of the 3 days of production. Enjoy!

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/31/2015 10:32 AM

In this Product Showcase, Beth shows us a few sizzling hot pink roses fit for all your summer time weddings!

Featured product: Topaz rose, Pink Floyd rose and Hot Party rose.

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/31/2015 10:24 AM


This Inspired floral design by Beth O'Reilly is a submerged arrangement. It is a simple design yet full of dimension. The color pallet is very rich and adds tons of color!

Feature product: Green Trick Dianthus, calathea leaves, purple hydrangea, Dulceata garden rose,  Pink Floyd roses, Precious Moments spray rose and Vanda orchids.

Hardgoods: Oasis foam, Oasis Midelino sticks, Oasis beaded wire, Oasis aluminum wire and deco sand.

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/29/2015 9:15 AM

MDS2016: Are You The Next Mayesh Design Star

Mayesh Customers, enter to become the 2016 Mayesh Design Star Host! This year there will be 2 winners! 2 Mayesh Design Stars!

Here’s a snapshot on how this year’s contest will work (see full contest rules below):

  • Submit your video on Facebook August 10-21
  • Mayesh will select 10 semi-finalists
  • A public vote will take place to narrow the contestants to 5 finalists
  • The 2016 Mayesh Design Stars will be selected by an internal team from the 5 finalists

Do you think you have what it takes? Submit your video August 10th – 21st via our Facebook Mayesh Design Stars Contest tab!

Here’s what our other Mayesh Design Stars – Beth, Jodi, and Mandy – had to say about being a MDS:

MDS2016: Are You The Next Mayesh Design Star

By Yvonne Ashton on 7/29/2015 8:11 AM
the mayesh minute: hanging amaranthus
In this episode of The Mayesh Minute, David Dahlson shares with you some interesting historical information on the Hanging Amaranthus.

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